Proven Seasonal SEO Tactics to Convert Peak Season Traffic

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Seasonal SEO

Seasonal SEO refers to search engine optimization for seasonal products.

Not all products are needed or used all year round. Some products are purchased and used in specific seasons. Winter Wear, for instance, is more popular in the winter. These are called seasonal products.

Seasonal marketing is needed to ensure you can reach your target audience at a time when they actually need your product. Instead of wasting time promoting your seasonal products all year round, you need to focus more on marketing for specific seasons.

Seasonal SEO is the best way to boost the organic reach and Google rankings of your products to help you generate more qualified leads that convert.

Here you’ll read everything about seasonal SEO including why it is important and how to optimize your seasonal product website. If you need professional help with seasonal SEO services, call us today or Whatsapp at +91 7023472073 to speak with a professional SEO expert.

    What is Seasonal SEO All About?

    Unlike traditional SEO, seasonal SEO involves optimizing only seasonal products, i.e. products that are purchased or used in specific seasons.

    SEO, in general, refers to a digital marketing practice of improving the search engine rankings and visibility of a website or business to boost its traffic and sales.

    Some products are more popular in specific seasons. The goal of seasonal search engine optimization is to help you drive traffic and conversion for your seasonal products or services.

    Seasonal SEO can be of two types: Time-based and Event-based

    Time-based SEO involves marketing a product during a specific period. For instance, Christmas-specific products are usually purchased and used during December. So, marketing these products during the last couple of months of a year should be the most profitable in terms of ROI.


    Event-based SEO focuses on specific events such as festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. that inspire people to buy event-specific products.

    In many cases, time-based SEO and event-based SEO will often overlap each other. In the case of Christmas, for example, you may need to optimize for both the event and the time (winter season).

    Why Do You Need Seasonal SEO Services?

    If you are selling products or services that are more popular in specific seasons, you must consider seasonal SEO services to help boost your sales and conversions.

    If you market your products at a time when they’re most needed or have a higher demand, the chances of converting will be much higher than if you market all year round. It can dramatically boost your sales.

    At the same time, seasonal marketing will reduce the cost of marketing and increase efficiency since you’ll only need to market during a particular season or period rather than the whole year.

    Seasonal SEO Benefits

    Suppose you are selling seasonal items and doing only seasonal SEO. In that case, you’ll also have more spare time during the non-seasonal period, which you can utilize to start or grow other businesses.

    Our seasonal SEO services can help you quickly sell a huge number of your seasonal items during high demand so that you do not have to worry during the period when your sales are low.

    How to Know the Seasonal Demand of Your Products/Service?

    Now, you may be selling several products, and some of them might be difficult to categorize by popularity during certain months.

    While some products are quite straightforward in terms of when their demand is the highest, others are not easy to categorize. Winter Wear is naturally more popular in the winter season, while summer wear is more commonly purchased in the summer months.

    If you are confused about where your seasonal products fall or when to market your products for maximum reach and sales, there are many things you can try.

    Google Trends can help you analyze search trends and the popularity of your product over time. You can use the tool to see when your product is most searched to find out the best time to market it.

    google trends

    You can search for your product or term and customize your search based on period, category, location and search type to determine interest over time.

    Google Keyword Planner is another tool you can try to find the most relevant keywords and terms for your business based on search traffic and demand over time. You can see the search interest in your products (keywords) over time and identify the times when the interest is highest.

    Google keyword planner

    Other than that, you can use Google Analytics or Search Control to see your website performance on Google and identify which pages are getting the most traffic during particular seasons or times.

    Seasonal SEO Services by SAG IPL

    If your business is involved in selling seasonal items, one of the best things you can do to boost your sales and traffic is to hire a seasonal SEO service.

    We’ve already talked about the importance of seasonal SEO. Finding a seasonal SEO company that provides marketing services for seasonal products may not be easy. Not many SEO companies provide or specialize in such services. We do.

    We at SAG IPL can help put your products, pages and website at the top of search engine results through a customized seasonal SEO strategy to ensure your customers easily find your products right when they need to buy them.

    1. Optimizing Your Website

    To increase conversions and sales on your seasonal product website, on-site SEO is one of the best things you can do. This involves improving the user experience on your site.

    Many things are affecting the user experience on a website, including the website design, content, layout & navigation, calls to action, readability, responsiveness, visual appeal, and user-friendliness.

    Basically, we do the following things when optimizing a website:

    • Make sure that your web design is clear, attractive and responsive (mobile-friendly).
    • Enable good navigation on your website to make it easy for people to find what they need.
    • Add visually appealing elements, images, videos, etc. and optimize them.
    • Optimize your page load speed to ensure a great browsing experience.
    • Improve your content quality and add relevant keywords at appropriate places.
    • Use proper headings in the content and optimize your meta tags.
    • Optimize page URLs.
    • Build internal links to connect relevant pages to improve navigation.
    • Create & optimize landing pages for your most popular products.
    • Create a blog on your website and regularly post high-quality articles.

    On-page SEO factors such as keyword-optimized content and responsive design are also used by Google as crucial elements to determine your search engine rankings.

    2. Creating & Optimizing Content for Seasonal SEO

    Besides optimizing your website content, our seasonal SEO strategy will also include creating unique, high-quality, valuable content to promote your products across the internet to generate more direct traffic and leads to your website.

    We use seasonal content to promote your seasonal products and business.

    Our seasonal content is focused on particular topics, trends and events related to your products, which allows us to directly connect with and promote to people at that time of the year.

    For example, if you sell winter clothing, we would write extensively on topics related to winter clothing and publish articles all over the internet.

    Content marketing helps drive interested people to your site and increase conversions and sales. To get the best out of your seasonal SEO, we create and optimize content for seasonal trends around your product. In addition, we only promote products that people are exclusively looking for at the time to boost conversions.

    For example, you may be selling a lot of types of clothing for all seasons. But, during winter, people are mostly looking to buy winter wear, so we make sure that our content talks about winter clothing and promotes products such as scarves, gloves, sweaters, etc. that people might actually buy.

    Content is a major part of our seasonal SEO strategy, where we use content based on your customers’ needs and expectations. We also use Google and social media to find ideas for content based on what your potential customers are looking for.

    Creating content that addresses users’ needs and helps them will boost your brand image and encourage people to visit your website when they’re ready to buy. As a plus, you can use the same seasonal content every year by making a few tweaks here and there.

    If you update your seasonal content in advance for the coming season, it might start ranking well before the time and fetch you good traffic and leads when the time comes.

    3. Strategy for Seasonal Marketing

    Using the same marketing strategy all year round is not the best strategy. If you want your SEO campaign to be effective, you need to have separate strategies for different periods, especially if you are selling seasonal products.

    This is because your marketing goals will be different at different times. During the slow-down period, when your products are not in high demand, you should focus less on marketing them and more on building new products or businesses.

    The time to start marketing is when the season is nearing. This strategy works best when there are still a couple of months for the season to arrive.

    This is the best time to start spreading the word about your product and increasing brand awareness by using valuable content. The focus is on telling people about your brand and products to increase conversions in the upcoming season.

    You MUST have a separate SEO strategy for the season time. This is when your product will have peak demand. Make sure that you’re ready to meet the demand and market extensively to potential customers who may be looking to buy.

    Use content to help people take action. Promote on social media, provide answers, create ads, share links, and more to get people to buy your products.

    4. Using High-quality Seasonal Visuals

    Visuals are an important part of a seasonal website, i.e. websites involved in selling seasonal products like for Christmas, events like birthdays, Thanksgiving, winter season, etc.

    Using high-quality seasonal visuals, including a seasonal theme, on your site will help make your website and products more relevant to your audience and get your visitors into the festive mood as soon they hit your website.

    Using relevant visuals on your website and marketing campaigns will help people instantly connect with your offerings. It will get your message out there more efficiently.

    Images are a wonderful way to convey your messages and are far better and easier to grasp than text. Using a picture of kids wearing winter hats and gloves on your website and ads would be much easier for people to relate to when looking to buy winter gloves or hats for kids.

    Images can drastically improve your website’s conversions and sales by encouraging people to click and buy. Other than images, you can use a variety of media, including gifs, videos, and infographics that are created around the festive theme to entice your audiences and inspire them to buy from you.

    5. Promotion on Social Media

    Do not underestimate the power of social media when it comes to marketing your seasonal business and products.

    Billions of people worldwide use social media. Many of them use it to get product recommendations, read reviews, connect with brands, and get answers to their questions. Social media user activities rise significantly during festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year.

    To leverage the power of social media, your brand needs to be active and consistent on all popular social channels. Get your profiles or pages on multiple top social networking sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

    Connect with potential customers, share valuable content, post contests, give away offers, answer comments & messages, join and build communities, and post relevant ads to boost engagement and conversions.

    Make sure to amplify your social postings and advertising during the season to attract more and more traffic to your website. Double your seasonal promotions when the time comes.

    Whatever content you create on your website, share it on social media to update your audience. Encourage reviews and other user-generated content to boost your popularity and brand awareness. 

    6. Building Relevant Links

    Finally, we get to link building, which is the practice of building backlinks to a website or web page.

    Link building is one of the best ways to boost the organic search ranking in Google of a website. The higher you rank for your target keywords in search results, the more traffic and leads you’ll likely get.

    Google treats Backlinks as votes when determining your ranking for specific keywords. The more high-quality links you have from other websites in your niche, the higher you’ll rank in Google Search.

    When building links, the focus should be on quality rather than quantity. A high-quality backlink is completely relevant, created naturally and comes from a popular website.

    Our seasonal SEO strategy will include building backlinks to your site from top domains in your niche for your relevant keywords and brand name.

    SAG IPL Seasonal SEO Service Packages

    As a seasonal SEO company, SAG IPL has customized packages and services to suit your every need and goal. Whether you are looking for complete SEO services or need just seasonal search engine optimization, we have the perfect strategy to help boost your sales at a cost-effective price.

    Choose from our three most efficient SEO service packages:

    What is Monthly SEO Pricing?

    1. Basic seasonal SEO – basic SEO services at the lowest price, suitable for small businesses & startups

    2. Advanced seasonal SEO – More advanced SEO techniques for better results in a shorter period, ideal for SMEs

    3. Premium seasonal SEO – our most popular SEO service package which offers you the best value for money with guaranteed top Google results for up to 30 keywords.

    Industries We Serve

    Other than SEO for seasonal products & items, SAG IPL also provides SEO & Digital Marketing Services in many other industries, including but not limited to:

    SEO Services for different industries

    Seasonal SEO Company Testimonials

    Not sure which SEO company is the best for your seasonal SEO requirements? Reading the testimonials of top SEO companies near you is a great way to identify and find the best seasonal SEO services provider. Here are a couple of reviews by SAG IPL SEO clients:

    “Not many SEO agencies practically offer a guarantee for results. SAG IPL does. Their SEO team is skilled, talented and passionate to bring results for you.”

    Commonly Asked Questions About Seasonal SEO

    Do You Provide Seasonal SEO Services?

    Yes. At SAG IPL, we have more than 13 years of experience providing results-driven SEO services and solutions to our customers. We can help you create the best seasonal SEO strategy and campaign based on your specific needs & goals. Our team of 70+ experts will passionately work to grow your business and drive maximum sales through proven seasonal marketing techniques.

    What are Seasonal Keywords?

    Seasonal keywords are words or search terms that are especially popular in particular seasons or times of the year, i.e. more people search for these keywords during a specific period. For example, many people search for Christmas terms during December.

    What Is a Seasonal Marketing Strategy?

    A seasonal marketing strategy is created to boost your business sales and traffic through extensive marketing during a particular time of year such as the holiday season. The goal is to promote your products at a time when people are most likely to buy them.

    Do You Also Do Regular SEO with Seasonal SEO?

    Yes, we also do and recommend regular SEO along with seasonal SEO. While our seasonal marketing will help boost your campaign to get you a lot more traffic during the season time, regular SEO during non-season will help maintain your website rankings and ensure you keep receiving good traffic even in low times. Contact us today to find out more.

    Need Seasonal SEO Services to Improve Sales?
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