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Election-Management Software Development Company

Elections are an important part of every economy. An election management software development can help political parties effectively create and manage their campaigns, allow people to vote in a systematic manner and ensure that there are no fraudulent activities. If you are looking for a software solution to help with upcoming elections, we get to connect you with the right developer for all your election software development needs. SAG IPL is a prominent name in the software development industry, providing efficient development services to clients for over 15 years now.

Our Election Management Software Solutions are designed to suit the various needs of small and big political parties and politicians to help manage their election campaigns and reach the audience in a better way. Based on your unique requirements, we can help create any kind of election software with all the standard as well as advanced features including administrator account, voter account, volunteer registration, voter database, and more.

Gen Election Manager
Gen Election Manager

Hire SAG IPL election management software development company to get the easiest way to manage all your election and party campaigns in a single place. Our “Gen Election Manager” software can be easily customized as per your campaign needs, or you can hire us to develop a completely new kind of Election software or app from scratch.

Why Gen Election Manager?

Gen Election Manager is a Man to Man Marking-based election management software that comprises a number of features and tools to assist political parties with their campaign-related tasks including the creation, counting and management of elections. Gen Election Manager has been designed with the purpose to help parties and politicians with the following activities:

Dashboard of Gen Election Manager
Dashboard of Gen Election Manager

In addition, the election campaign management system offers a number of campaign-oriented tools that can be used by political parties to easily manage various tasks of the election campaign, such as user registration and management, e-voting, and campaign security, among others. Another great thing about the software is the competitive price which is only a fraction of what other popular political party management software will cost you. Besides that, the software has been equipped with a guide to help beginners with the overall political campaign management process.

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Features of Election Manager Software

The Gen Election Manager software has been equipped with the following features:

Admin Pannel
Admin Panel

Admin Panel Features

  • Creation and management of a database of voters, including their personal and contact details, addresses, email ids, caste details, family members, etc.
  • Create and manage the list of volunteers including details
  • Creation of new campaigns
  • Assigning of voters to respective volunteers according to their region and other categories
  • Communication with voters including messages and emails recording and management
  • Transferring of voters from one volunteer to another
  • Check the voting (election) status in real-time through a pie chart to see which voters have voted and which ones have not

Volunteer Panel

Volunteer Pannel
Volunteer Panel
  • Registration/ Login for Volunteers
  • Management and recording of voters in an excel sheet format by volunteers
  • Scheduling of meetings for voters
  • Daily reporting of voters
  • Manage voter data based on their voting preference for a particular election campaign
  • Communication with voters through bulk SMS and mail
  • Recording the presence of voters at the election booth through laptop-compatible software version
  • Checking and managing the voting status of their allotted voters
  • Management of social media campaigns of your political campaign


Security is one of the primary concerns of our election software development services. We value the privacy and security of your users a lot, therefore, proper security mechanisms have been enabled to prevent the information from getting in the wrong hands.

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Other features of our election management software include easy working, user-friendly interface, detailed reporting, unlimited user access & management, time-saving, cost-effective, digital management (no paperwork), export and import, and quick setup.

Gen Election Manager Demo: Political Management Software-

Gen Election Manager Demo

Why Hire SAG IPL for Election Management Software Development

SAG IPL – An election campaign management company is a renowned name in the field of software and web development. We have been developing efficient software solutions, and web and mobile applications for all kinds of businesses in a wide range of industries for over 15 years now. With over 300 software projects in our portfolio, we are the most perfect and affordable software agency you can get.

Election Campaigns
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Vast Experience

When it comes to software development, we take pride in being one of the oldest agencies in the country. Our experience is one of the reasons why our clients trust us immensely.

Serving all industries

Our development services are not focused on any particular industry but we design software, websites and apps for almost every major and minor industry for clients all over the world.

Software for all purposes

Whether you need a fully-featured election campaign management software or a basic online voting tool, we can get it developed for you at the most affordable prices.

Dedicated Team/Developers

Forget about employing a development team on a salary basis. Now, you can hire full-time, dedicated software developers or teams for any of your requirements.

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Software Solutions on a Budget

We are committed to providing the best quality software development at the most competitive prices in the industry to suit the budget of every business.

Trustworthy Support

Last but not least, we manage the same quality of support as our development solutions. The support system is managed through a dedicated team of experts who are always there to assist you.

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By Amit Gupta Founder and CEO of SAG IPL

Amit Gupta, who is the CEO and Founder of SAG IPL, founded this company with the vision to become the #1 provider of quality-driven and cost-effective blockchain marketing and development services in the world. As a Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in software and web development, he manages a team of over 200 professionals, comprising designers, developers, and marketers, committed to delivering top-notch web, software, mobile, and blockchain solutions to clients worldwide. Linkedin


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