10 Life Hacks To Solve Web Development Problem You Never Thought About

8 Life Hacks To Solve Web development problem

If you are facing challenges in web development. Let us discuss these ‘web development problems’ in detail. Please don’t forget to leave your comment at the end of the blog.

You might notice that the world is continuously been changing every second. Things are not the same as they were some years ago, and so as the rules of business too.

Now, there are new ways of getting hired, finding employees, and reaching new customers.

The scale of economies is also flipped now, today, getting things done at a huge scale is way more expensive than that of the micro-level.

Customers today want to know everything about you and your organization before stepping into any business with you. They desire to know what your products actually are, how much the products will cost, and what kind of benefits they can get from attaining them.

Customers will also check out your market image by accessing social media like Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other websites. And apart from all of this, they also want you to be budget-friendly.

The website represents your brand, business, and the work you want to showcase to the world and reach them.

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After getting through all these problems, we’ve analyzed the working procedure and user demands, and as a result, we have created a whole new way of helping them succeed on the web.

Quick Lookout Web Development Problems and Solutions

Here we showcase basic web development problems an IT business can face along with their solutions:

We are not aware of the overall cost of the Project

You can tell the customer if a budget is reasonable for what they’re willing to attain. If the cost is out of their limit, you can also prioritize features and ensure that the complicated tasks should be done first before the budget is exhausted.

Not Aware Of The Overall Cost Of The Web Development Project

Requirements are not defined clearly.

Requirements serve as the most important part of the process. It is really important to be clear about what is being purchased and what is being delivered.

There are many small things associated with the project, which comes out when the project is well underway.

Requirements aren't clearly defined

Half of the project is completed when you have made a plan and have done the groundwork to detect all the possible pitfalls of it, and in most cases, the client takes it way more important than the actual result.

In many cases, developers put more effort into the planning and if the rest of the project work does not get completed on time, they lose money.

The solution to this problem is you have to charge more from your clients to get it managed in the end.

We don’t know how much time will it take to launch a site.

It is really difficult for any freelancer or any development firm to schedule out projects, along with a stack of different requirements and an unknown length of time to implement.

Without even knowing when one project is going to be completed so that you can start the other one, you just have to keep hustling to get more work.

Apart from the time that some heavy projects take, many of the old customers also keep coming back for little changes to their website.

Don’T Know How Long Does It Take To Build A Website

A website placed on a development server away from people’s eyes is totally useless.

Many successful internet start-ups initiated with a crappy site, a major part of people come on any site for the information, the content, the stuff, which is uploaded there.

The more often you update the site, the more visitors you get on there, especially if the update has been done keeping their feedback in mind.

So, rather of make it bulkier and time-consuming to complete, you should get your site and launch it as quick as possible.

The launching of any website is just a starting off your project.

You can consider the launch of your website as a great milestone but do remember that you can not get all of your customers at your website on Day 1, you will need to keep patience and a lot of work to get them.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, how much time you’ve spent decorating your shop, arranging your merchandise, or setting up everything, you will always have to keep this thing in mind that the opening day is just Day 1.

You Can Not Get All Of Your Customers At Your Website On The Day 1

Your clients will always come back with minor or major changes in their websites.

Some of them will ask to be able to use their Facebook account to log in and leave a comment while some will demand to give them a table that compares specific features across your product line.

They will always find new ways of arranging their site and streamline their ordering process.

So, if you make a list of the whole requirements thing in a prioritized way, you will have a list of things, which you can build or develop for your clients.

My content management system/e-commerce site gets hacked!

Most of the content management systems store content in a specific database, which can be backed up with the help of some generic web hosts, whereas some of the web hosts already keep a range of backups over time, which can be used to restore particular items that might have been deleted.

Report Content Management System Hacked
Source: sucuri.net

Apart from these few, a majority of web hosts are still using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for file transfer, which is an extremely insecure protocol and was used a decade ago.

It simply means that if your developer is using an open wi-fi network, someone could probably get the password and can do anything they want on your website.

My content management system is getting expired!

Content management systems usually cost more, You undoubtedly can update the content yourself, but you will have to pay somebody to keep that program up-to-date. And that will surely be going to cost more than having a static website.

But, if you are getting a content management system to get more business, then spending a bit more amount of money will not affect you much.

You can get more business if you don’t have to wait for a developer to showcase special offers that bring customers to your platform.

If you are investing some of your marketing resources and time to use your website effectively, you’ll need the help of someone to manage the technical stuff.

content management system is getting expired

A tech-savvy employee could be more beneficial rather than the business owner or the marketing person.

But then some question arises like are they keeping up with every little security update that comes out that might affect your site? And what are you paying them?

If not, you also have another option to solve this riddle out, you can simply outsource these functions to any organization, which provides the maintenance for a group of other sites, and has backup facilities and the ability to roll back things that break, and knows the actual place of mishappening.

My site broke after an upgrade.

The perfection of any website is a bit expensive, but not impossible. We all know very well that the software we use is a collective effort of thousands of developers, and different developers working on a single software means a lot of bugs too.

We often deploy a special experimental module to attain several specific goals, but an upgrade to a related module breaks it down.

Website Broke Down

We have complete control over the change of the management process, and we can simply undo the upgrade if something goes wrong.

Our main aim is to minimize the effect of mishappenings because it can not be resolved out completely.

It costs too much upfront.

Web development projects are basically nightmares because they’re all focused on just a single point and that is the launch of the website.

All the things like the cost, the scope of work, and all the resources are completely focused on that single event, but the thing is, developing a digital platform for your business or your organization and adopting it as your organization changes to serve its customers and minimized during the complete process.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost for Your Online Business?

We Forget to consider users’ experience

Everyone wants a fast and user-friendly website. Most people use the internet through their mobile phones.

We often forget to do so while creating or developing a website. So it is necessary to create a website that is quick and mobile-friendly.

Website navigation is also forgotten many times by developers. Better navigation creates a better user experience.

We forget to use proper frameworks and platforms

Frameworks boost the performance of a website. Some are rigid to approach while others are flexible in development.

Developers should use a flexible framework while creating a website so that it is easier to edit in the future.

The platforms used to create the website should be simple too. Easier platforms provide easy web development opportunities.


The complete volume goes to the conclusion that you should get rid of all that stuff, which makes the process hard, and make it easy for an individual to get started with a basic website of some specified configuration, and keep it upgraded over time.

We at SAG IPL have various plans, which correspond to how much functionality you want on your website, how instantly you would like new features to be developed, how much support you are going to be needed, and how active you want us to be in finding ways of improving the site.

We are basically focused on all of our attention on results: websites that get launched quickly, generate sales, reduce your costs, and do things to help your business grow.

And if we succeed in our process, your business will undoubtedly grow and you’ll keep seeing the value in having us as a long-term business partner.


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