Freelancers vs Web Development Company.

Freelancers vs SAGIPL: Hard Work or Smart Work, Choose Wisely!!

A website represents your brand, business and the work you want to showcase to the world and reach to them.

Your website is much more than just a site.

Before hiring a freelancer to consider all the consequences that can happen.

Hope this differentiates between Freelancers vs Web Development Company can give you clear idea.. whats best!!

The digital appearance of your business or services is the spinal cord of your growth in today’s era, and it is really a very important thing to hook up with right team or people for building your digital platform (either website or application).

Today, if you have a business idea in your mind and money in your hands, many freelancers, as well as development companies, will pretend to be the one you are looking for. The decision of picking up the best one of them could be a daunting task.

Hence, to wipe out all the confusions, here we are trying to showcase all the advantages and disadvantages, which might help you make the right decision as per your needs and requirements.

If you are planning to work with the firm, know benefits of hiring dedicated developers team and things to consider before working with an IT company that actually works.

Freelancers vs Web Development Company

Here are some points, which can help you in differentiating between working with a freelancer and web development company. Lets us have a look at them:

Skills and Expertise

Hiring a development company for your project means you will get to work with a number of skilled employees, who have knowledge in diverse fields. Moreover, you will get a project manager, a designer, a developer and a tester, who have expertise in their specified fields.

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer means you are willing to work with a single person for all of the tasks related to your project.

Just think, can a single person do all of the tasks such as developing, designing and testing better than a specialized team?

Obviously not, unless he’s the Zeus of IT sector.

But if your project includes some diverse and heavy tasks, even the Lord of IT might get a bit of trouble.

So, in a simple line, we can say that a development company has an experience of working on a variety of projects and that will undoubtedly help you in sorting out each and every issue related to your project.


After finalizing any idea, the next revolutionary step you will encounter is the ‘Vision’, which is basically the combination of application’s concept and strategic approach.

In this step, your idea will be properly examined and will be analyzed with the at the very beginning to achieve a successful starting. If you are not able to do this task, you will surely need a professional with a good portfolio and a great intuition.

For the following work, a freelancer can only prove to be beneficial if he has experience of working in diverse fields. Whereas a company can provide you a vast range of relevant examples.


If you hire a development company, everything will just like a piece of cake. Just think, you are hiring a complete team along with a project manager, who will communicate with you and will lead the team as well.

This person will be responsible for all of the issues related to the project, meanwhile, you’re just free to concentrate on your business. On the other hand, a freelancer is just a single individual, and maybe you will end up requiring more freelancers, who will have to work with each other.

While working with a mobile application development company, the project manager will lead the team and will be responsible for any kind of organizational issue, but working with freelancers will bound you to do the management part by your own.

So, you can simply see the difference between these two under manageability factor.


In any business, at the end of the day, everything matters is how much money you earned and how much you spent.

The main point which attracts any business owner to hire a freelancer is that hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a web development company.

However, the rates totally depend on the region, for example, the US and Western Europe based development companies cost you a stack of gold, but India, on the other hand, is well known for its immensely low-cost development services.

Moreover, India’s IT industry is also evolving with a rapid speed, so you can easily hire skilled and experienced developer here at a reasonable cost.


If you hire a web development firm, you will start working with a highly organized team having great internal connections. Furthermore, you will be able to know each and every update of your project on time, which make it easy to monitor the working progress and to make any corrections if needed.

If we talk about a freelancer, you can communicate with him/her directly, but if your project is a bit bulky and you are working with more than one freelancer, then you have to make your concept clear to each and every one of them, which is a time-consuming option.

For this, you can also hire a project manager, who can understand your project and will lead the team. Now, Just think, instead of hiring them separately, you can easily hire any development company, where you will get all of them at a single place.


The quality of your website and application plays a major role in the success of your business. The online platform of your business should be responsive and attractive as well, which can be able to attract customers and let them explore it easily.

If, both the freelancer and the development company fulfill all of your requirements, you will be additionally provided QA testers, who will examine the developed platform and removes all kind of bugs from it.

So, it’s better to pay a bit more and sleep well, than to pay less and be worried all the time.


In this era of rapidly enhancing technology, the most important point which comes in mind before moving further is security. Your digital platform must be secure with any critical angle and should be properly examined and tested.

Looking at the new vulnerabilities, it’s a bit harder to meet all the security requirements in this rapidly evolving software world. You can only feel safe while working offline, but if you’re working online, you undoubtedly need some kind of protection.

For this, it is a bit difficult for any freelancer to provide the necessary level of security, but if we talk about development companies, they know that their reputation and client’s safety both falls at the same point.

Apart from this, working with a freelancer might also be a bit risky, what if the site he/she developed for you gets blocked just because he/she thinks you didn’t pay him/her well enough.

Sounds disgusting, but still there are cases that came out of the blue, so, why take a risk for saving some pennies.


A company basically works with a logical fear of failure, as their contacts, reputation, trustworthy relation with clients can get in danger. Hence, they work with their 100% efficiency to complete the project before the deadline.

In case, the hired developer gets sick, he could be replaced by another developer, so, you will get a strong backup while working with any company. On the other hand, any issue with the hired freelancer can make your project suffer from it.


Companies usually have a support team, to resolve each and every query of the client after launching the project. While working with any company, your problems and issues will not only be heard but will also be taken care immediately.

Most of the development companies today have a long warranty period, so you don’t have to worry even a bit for any problem related to your digital platform. But, working with any freelancer individual will not allow you to expect such full-scale services.


Considering the aforementioned points, we can clearly see that development company don’t leave any chance to a freelancer as a rival. The only advantage you can get while working with a freelancer is low cost.

Mobile Application Development

The most advantageous thing you can do is hire an Indian web and mobile application development company, by which you can get every benefit of working with an organization at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Freelancers vs Web Development Company

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