11 Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies [2024]

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Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies

Do you want to build your own NFT marketplace or NFT change platform? Are you searching for the best NFT marketplace development companies? Then, this article is for you.

The NFT space has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times. People have been interested in non-fungible tokens or NFTs ever since the first NFT called “Quantum” was sold for a whopping $1.47 million in 2021. But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know the most expensive NFT called “Merge” was sold for a whopping US$91.8M in December 2021? The second biggest NFT ever was sold for $69.3M and is called “The First 5000 Days.”

The point is that the NFT space is truly limitless and it gives a true, one-of-a-kind opportunity for artists and creators to monetize their outstanding works through blockchain tokenization. Wondering how it works, how to create or sell NFTs, or how to build an NFT marketplace? Here’s everything you need.

Due to the increasing popularity of NFTs, NFT marketplaces have also been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Creators are always looking for better NFT platforms to create and sell NFTs at the best price online.

While most NFT creators and traders use top NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare, you can also develop your own NFT marketplace to allow people to create, trade and monetize non-fungible tokens. As a blockchain business, you can expand your network by creating your own fully-featured NFT marketplace with the help of a top NFT marketplace development company.

    In this article, we talk about the best NFT marketplace development companies for NFT creators, traders and businesses.

    What’s an NFT Marketplace?

    You may already be familiar with NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are a unique kind of digital assets that are non-interchangeable and cannot be copied or subdivided.

    Each NFT is a unique token representing a rare digital asset. Creating an NFT for a digital asset will tokenize that asset, i.e. store its ownership information on the blockchain and can be used to verify its authenticity. NFTs can be created for art, game items, media, real estate, music, sports, and collectibles, among other rare things.

    NFT Marketplace

    An NFT marketplace is an online platform where people can buy, sell and trade non-fungible tokens and assets. It’s like a cryptocurrency exchange but only for non-fungible tokens. Many NFT marketplaces also allow users to create or mint new NFTs tokenizing their digital assets.

    Some common features to expect in an NFT marketplace platform include NFT minting, NFT buy and sell, NFT bidding (auction), NFT search by category or industry, NFT wallet & secure storage, creator tools, smart contracts, NFT revenue sharing, and NFT licensing.

    What Does a White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company Do?

    An NFT marketplace development company can help you build the perfect NFT exchange platform where you and your customers can seamlessly trade non-fungible tokens and various other digital assets with high security and transparency.

    An NFT marketplace developer must have some experience in building next-gen NFT platforms or blockchain exchanges. Their team uses cutting-edge blockchain technology like Ethereum or Solana or Binance Smart Chain along with smart contracts to build a fully-featured NFT exchange platform with support for multiple assets.

    You must clearly explain your specific requirements & goals and the features you want in your NFT marketplace when hiring an NFT marketplace developer company.

    An NFT marketplace platform must have the following three basic functionalities:

    • Mint NFTs – Allowing users to mint new NFTs by tokenizing their digital assets or creations on the blockchain.
    • Buy NFTs – Giving the option for users to buy NFTs on the marketplace through direct buying or NFT bidding/auction.
    • Sell NFTs – NFT holders and owners can sell their NFTs on the platform either at a fixed price or through an auction. They can also be given options for advertising their NFT on or off the marketplace.

    For every NFT sale or listing, the platform owner gets a predefined commission, usually a percentage of the sell amount, which is the main source of revenue for the NFT platform.

    How Does NFT Marketplace Development Work?

    NFT Marketplace Development Process

    Typically, an NFT marketplace development project consists of the following steps:

    Research – understanding the client’s objects, the target market and audience, and the competition in order to create a development plan based on the project goals.

    Development – Developing the exchange website. Writing the smart contract and the platform functionality (code) & features based on the selected blockchain technology.

    Testing – The NFT marketplace is developed, tested and launched in three stages – Alpha, Beta, and the final version.

    Launch – The final product, the NFT marketplace is deployed on the customer’s preferred server.

    What to Look for When Hiring an NFT Marketplace Development Agency?

    As the demand for NFT marketplace is rising, so is the number of developers and companies providing NFT development services. But, you must be careful when hiring an NFT marketplace company because many of these so-called NFT developers have little to zero experience in real project development.

    Searching NFT Marketplace

    Some of the NFT development companies out there are not older than a couple of years. So, it’s crucial to do your own research and compare different NFT marketplace development companies based on their expertise, portfolio, experience, reviews, reputation, technology stack, services, and development cost.

    Expertise – enquire about the company’s expertise or specialization in the crypto space. How many and what kind of crypto projects have they worked on before?

    Portfolio – Check out the NFT development company’s portfolio to see their previous projects. Have they already built an NFT marketplace or exchange before?

    Skills & Experience – Enquire about the team and developers’ skills and individual experience in NFT development. Do they have experience in building an NFT platform like yours? 

    Client Reviews – Search Google for the NFT marketplace development agency’s client reviews to get an idea of their work, ethics, service quality, team, and other things that matter to you.

    Market Reputation – Ask around to find out about the company’s market reputation or image. Is this a good company? Are they reliable?

    Technologies Stack – What kind of crypto technologies do they use or have experience in? Are they using advanced blockchain technologies and development methods/tools?

    Services – Check out their range of services. What other services do they provide? Are they specialized in NFT development?

    Development Cost – Lastly, inquire about the estimated cost of NFT marketplace development. Does it fit your budget? Can they guarantee the best value for money?

    11 Best NFT Marketplace Development Companies to Hire for Your Business in 2024

    Now that you know everything you need to know about NFT marketplace development, let’s talk about the best NFT trading platform development companies you can consider hiring.

    1. SAG IPL

    SAG IPL is a full-time blockchain development company that provides customized NFT marketplace development services through a team of experienced and dedicated blockchain developers. The company has been active in the blockchain industry for nearly 10 years now.

    NFT Marketplace Development by SAG IPL

    We provide all kinds of blockchain development and crypto marketing services, including blockchain development, smart contract development, NFT development, Metaverse NFT development, and digital wallet development.

    Over the years, SAG IPL has helped hundreds of businesses and startups build high-tech NFT platforms with trading support for digital collectibles, artwork, gaming, and various other tokenized assets.

    Our NFT marketplace development services include NFT token development, trading platform development, smart contract development, NFT wallet development, NFT minting, NFT bidding and auctions, and NFT consulting services.

    We have a dedicated team of skilled & trained blockchain developers with experience in building for top blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, Solana, BSC, and more.

    The SAG IPL team specializes in offering tailored and affordable NFT marketplace solutions that are customized to the specific needs and budgets of their clients.

    We’ll make sure that your NFT marketplace is integrated with advanced features, including search filters, NFT minting, multi-asset support, secure wallet, creator tools, revenue/royalty distribution, and NFT lending.

    SAG IPL’s extensive development experience and blockchain specialization set us apart from the competition, which is why we are the go-to blockchain development company for hundreds of brands globally.

    2. SoluLab

    Solulab’s NFT Marketplace platform is relatively new, but it’s slowly gaining traction due to its robust features and straightforward process.

    If you’re looking to build your own NFT exchange platform, you’ll get a large number of templates here and the user experience/UI/UX are very appealing.

    Solulab ranks as one of the top NFT marketplace developer platforms and is used by many leading brands like Cigna, Centene, Quest Diagnostics, City Block Health, Merck, and others. You can learn more about their NFT expertise by checking out their products like NFT Marketplace and centralized/decentralized exchanges.

    3. Blockchain App Factory

    Rated as one of the best NFT Marketplace Development Companies in 2024, Blockchain App Factory is known for its cutting-edge blockchain development protocols. The company was launched in 2017 and has made it to the top of the list of blockchain developers.

    It offers innovative and cutting-edge blockchain development solutions for businesses in the cryptocurrency and NFT industries. Their blockchain development services include Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) development, Decentralised Applications (dApps), Decentralised Financial Solutions (deFi) development, and marketing services for blockchain companies & businesses in various sectors around the world.

    4. INORU

    INORU is a leading and famous NFT development company that also develops NFT trading platforms and marketplaces and has a history of excellent customer service. The company is engaged in providing NFT services to meet the requirements of the client business.

    Their services include NFT marketplace development for Art, Music, Fashion, Photography, Gaming, Sports and other industries and for platforms like OpenSea clone, rare clone, super rare clone, decentraland clone, etc. They guarantee to finish projects on time and maintain quality and transparency for all their services. INORU has a competent team with years of blockchain development experience.

    5. TurnkeyTown

    INORU is a reputable NFT trading platform development company in the blockchain industry with a long history of providing affordable and results-driven solutions. TurnkeyTown company is well known in the blockchain industry as an excellent NFT developer. They offer all-inclusive NFT development services, from information gathering to design, functionality and testing.

    Most importantly, the solution they develop is bug-free and hassle-free, ensuring better performance. They provide a range of crypto services including customizable clone app development, crypto apps, blockchain application development, NFT and metaverse development services and more.

    6. Pixbit Solutions

    The team at Pixbit Solutions consists of highly skilled web designers and blockchain developers who have been providing innovative, original and quality-driven blockchain development solutions to their clients for many years now.

    The India-based IT company offers high-quality digital development services to meet the needs of the end users. Some of their top services in the blockchain space include blockchain Android application development, iOS app development, E-commerce app development, NFT development, and marketplace development, among others.

    7. Chaincella

    Chaincella is one of the oldest and most experienced blockchain-based NFT development companies. Chaincella’s USP is their result-oriented development process. The company offers NFT development and marketing services for several domains, from Music to Real Estate, Sports, Gaming, Memes, and Arts.

    They have extensive experience in the development of NFT Marketplaces including NFT Token Development, NFT Games, digital wallet and Platforms, as well as NFT platform Marketing services like Social Media Marketing, Community Management, SEO, Telegram Marketing, Reputation Management, influencer marketing, NFT Listing, and much more.

    8. Alwin Technologies

    Alwin Technologies is a leading blockchain solutions development company. According to the company website, they develop user-friendly NFT products and solutions and provide services to all types of businesses, from SMBs to top brands.

    Alwin Technologies’ team of experienced developers is committed to helping clients with innovative NFT products that exceed expectations and achieve success. The most popular service of Alwin Technologies is Crypto exchange decentralized software and NFT development.

    9. AppDupe

    AppDupe, one of the top NFT marketplace development agencies, was founded in 2007 as a mobile app development company, which, in 2017, shifted its focus to blockchain development and quickly became a top name in the NFT marketplace development space due to its unique and brilliant development approach which led to multiple successful NFT platform launches in just a few years.

    The company provides a range of NFT services including DApp development, DeFi Exchange platform, NFT marketplace, Cross-chain NFT, crypto marketplace development, Metaverse, and more.

    10. Kellton

    Kellton is one of the most innovative and ever-evolving blockchain NFT development solutions that specializes in NFT platform and wallet development. The company provides blockchain services to businesses in many industry verticals like Travel, e-commerce, education, banking, finance, manufacturing, NGO, social, logistics, insurance, and more.

    Kellton is renowned for its cutting-edge technological stack and outstanding skills with capabilities to build & deliver services that are made for the future. As a result-driven NFT developer organization, it serves hundreds of businesses worldwide.

    11. PixelPlex

    PixelPlex is an award-winning software & blockchain development company known for its technology expertise and creative business ethics. They have a talented team of NFT and blockchain developers. Since its founding in 2007, PixelPlex has completed over 300 projects in industries ranging from IT, finance, blockchain, AR/VR, AI, IoT, Mobile, Travel, Game, and custom software development.

    The company works with all kinds of businesses, including startups, small businesses, government agencies, and enterprises, designing, developing and delivering custom blockchain software and applications that meet the changing global landscape.

    Conclusion – Which is the Top NFT Marketplace Development Company?

    It’s difficult, if not possible, to rate any one company as the best NFT marketplace developer. Different companies have different qualities and services that might suit different clients. This is why we have made this list of 11 best NFT marketplace development companies based on multiple criteria.

    I hope this article helps you find the right NFT marketplace development services for your requirements and goals. Make sure to have a flexible budget for your project that can encompass a variety of options, from individual developers to dedicated resources and teams.

    Always do your own research, read reviews, get quotes from different NFT development agencies, and compare them based on price, features, etc.

    If you are looking for the best professional NFT marketplace development services or want to hire an NFT development expert, contact us at sagipl.com.

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