How to Build a ChatBot

How to Build a Chatbot in the easiest way? (Learn from Zero)

Chatbots are smart artificial intelligence entities (AIE) or systems that we can interact with via voice interface or text. Chatbots use pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals to simulate interactive human conversations.

Such interactions can be of any kind, starting from asking them about weather reports or a more complex one, like troubleshooting your web or mobile app problem via internet service.

This article will provide you with a detailed idea about how to build a chatbot or improve an existing one.

Here are the four key steps that will assist you most while developing a chatbot:

  1. Know the opportunities associated with the development of an AI-based chatbot
  2. Understand the goals of building a chatbot
  3. Creating  a chatbot conversation
  4. Use the latest frameworks or development (non-coding) platforms for chatbot Development

1. Know the opportunities associated with the development of an AI-based chatbot

Before getting engaged in how to build a chatbot, you should always try and explore the opportunities related to building an AI-driven chatbot.

As modern-day businesses are eagerly looking for new Bot techniques to identify the processes or business functions, that they can automate using AI solutions.

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Development of AI based Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence solutions catering to a particular problem are designed primarily considering these two criteria:

1. Work Complexity

2. Data Complexity

Four primary activity models for AI Bots, derived from the dual analysis of data and work complexity include:

  • Efficiency
  • Expert
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation

2. Understanding Customer Goals

To be specific, understanding customer goals means getting a detailed idea of why clients want to build a chatbot and what capabilities they think it should possess in the first place.

Understanding Customer Goals

Getting answers to these questions will help developers build more interactive chatbot conversations and also put them in a better spot to design an effective chatbot.

“Apparently, when a designer has a better grasp of Why Chatbot is Built, he would feel more comfortable to design the conversations of the chatbot”

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3. Creating a Chatbot Conversation

Chatbot interactions can be broken down into two parts – structured and unstructured interactions. As the name suggests, structured interactions are the ones that usually follow a logical flow of information, including menus, choices and different forms. On the flip side, unstructured conversations are the ones with plain simple text.

Creating a Chatbot Conversation

For instance, the conversations made with friends, family, and colleagues are generally a part of unstructured conversations. When developing messages for such types of conversations via chatbot, it is vital for developers to keep such conversation topics close to the original purpose of the chatbot.

In order to develop effective scripts for a chatbot conversation, interpreting and thinking about user answers is important for chatbot developers. The designers should also carefully think about both open-ended and close-ended conversations that enable customers to communicate naturally with bots.

4. Building a Chatbot Using Frameworks or Development (Non-Coding) Platforms

The developers can also take the help of a variety of frameworks or non-coding development platforms to build a chatbot. Some of the popular chatbot frameworks include Chatfuel, Dialogflow, Wit.Ai,, ChatterBot, and IBM Watson.

Building Chatbot using Frameworks

You can also take the assistance of non-coding platforms to build a generic chatbot. Platforms like Chatfuel, bostify, Flow XO, Bottr, Motion AI are great to design a chatbot serving your business needs.

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Summing Up….!!!

Chatbots are certainly the future when it comes to finding interactive ways to engage with customers online. Being a business today, you should stay ready to integrate chatbot solutions into your business. Now, with chatbot platforms proliferating at a rapid pace, it is extremely easy for us to build a professional chatbot. A chatbot stampede is on its way …!!!!

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