116 Money-Making Startup Business Ideas for 2024 (To Turn Into Reality)

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Money can’t buy happiness But money is a must needful for everything in life. you may still be unsure about what career or path to choose to make money but here you can find some of the most useful Startup Business Ideas.

Maybe you want to set up your own business but there are millions of entrepreneurs in the market.

Don’t get confused we have come up with profitable unique startup business ideas to try on and worth taking the risk.

“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer, and have a burning desire to succeed.” – Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s

Today, millions of people desire to start their own businesses, leaving the traditional 9 to 5 job.

Most people in this world have to chase two or three careers during their work life.

While getting relieved from their first job, people often think to start their second job from home, and the good news is that it is within the reach of any individual, who wants to leave their 9 to 5 job and work hard to grow up on their own.

We have come up with the best list of Small and large business ideas to make money. So read below and tell us if you have any other suggestions.

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    Extremely Profitable “Money Making Startup Business Ideas” 2024 to Worth Try on

    Here we suggest you 116 startup business ideas, which can be implemented straight from your home, they are:

    #1. Accountant:

    Make a proper document illustrating your services. Before you do that, you must realize what those services will be. Would you like to just do accounting for a private venture?

    A more included level of accounting would be the work of balance sheets, income statements, and other monetary reports on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis, based on the requirements of the Entrepreneur.

    Different specializations can incorporate tax accounting, a tremendous zone of potential work.

    There are numerous owners, who wouldn’t fret about keeping their own everyday accounting records, yet would love to get help from professionals.  WordPress and HTML accounting website templates in the collection would inspire or support you in making an effective accounting website for your accounting business or marketing your accounting services. For more, you can always check out the CA Portal to get the best themes for your website development.

    #2. E-commerce Business:

    You can begin an incredible business with a web-based business like an e-commerce business solution, giving stunning shopping to buyers.

    ecommerce website

    You can begin your Entrepreneur by offering items or products on your own e-commerce website and making it simple with the mobile application and web application. It is as simple as working together on Amazon.

    The eCommerce business is growing at rocket speed as people prefer online stores. These online stores also provide an opportunity to showcase all available products and services in one place.

    You can start a dedicated eCommerce website or add vendors too so there are opportunities and ways to convert your business into a successful eCommerce Business.

    #3. Taxi Booking Service and Solution:

    An online taxi app development business is a costly start-up yet over the long haul the profits are lucrative.

    It can be begun on a little note with a couple of autos and drivers and later on can be extended bit by bit to procure benefits.

    It is the entrepreneur with loads of gaining potential with high development rates and huge demand.

    Taxi Booking Service
    The features of the solution should be engineered for the taxi business. It must provide Flexible, Easy Manage and End to End Service Solutions.

    The solution installed should be professionally created, adaptable, and easy to use via any Mobile.

    #4. Car Washing Business:

    Would you like to get into an Entrepreneur that requires almost no tech learning?

    car wash service

    If the response to this imperative inquiry is yes then auto washing can be an extraordinary cash-earning opportunity.

    It’s up to you whether you need to dispatch a whole auto washing business application and site to gain some extra cash every month.

    #5. Courier Services:

    To be completely forthright and genuine, one can begin a courier business.

    It is a cash-making opportunity that is made less complex by giving you access to instant e-commerce courier websites like FedEx and DHL to expand your Entrepreneur.

    Hence, enabling users to send a courier in a simple and efficient way so as to spare their valuable time.

    #6. Food Ordering System:

    Food Ordering System

    To be straightforward opening another eatery can be a hazardous venture however with the right arrangement the right planning and less handwork one can make it a lucrative winning potential over the long haul.

    Basically, ready-made solutions for Android, iPhone, and web app users are mandatory to sustain a restaurant business.

    Food Ordering System
    Source: NPO

    This solution help customer in searching for the nearest restaurant and also helps in quick table booking at the restaurant.

    #7. Classified Business:

    Do you want to start your own online entrepreneur running a classified ads website or app in just 2 months?

    If yes then quickly grab our readymade classified solution. A customer can sell his/her product according to his/her wish and also he/she can buy the product of his/her choice.

    We are specialists in developing classified advertising app solutions for Android, iPhone, and websites.

    The features of our solution help you to buy products in Android, iPhone, and Web apps, and at the same time, it is easy to maintain your sold products with one click.

    We provide very amazing comfortable and end-to-end web solutions for sellers and buyers both.

    #8. Property Business:

    People beginning a property business offer you the to rapidly build your procuring or capital by applying a short-term strategy.

    We offer a business methodology or an answer that helps in offering or purchasing your property.

    Our solution for the web and portable applications helps you in making it simple and straightforward.

    So enables you to purchase or sell properties online with our ready-made solutions available on Android, iPhone, and website.

    #9. Video Editing:

    Would you like to make your own video editing application yet not certain how to begin?

    SAGIPL has all the answers for you. You simply prepare yourself to earn money using your editing skills.

    A truly capable video editor application that won’t stamp a watermark or place a timeline on your clasp.

    Video Editing
    Truth be told you can utilize your editing abilities effectively.

    It will have the capacity to edit your captured videos with a video editing app that must easily operate on Android, iPhone, and other web solutions.

    #10. Services Provider:

    Anybody and everybody can provide some kind of service. But, anybody or everybody dependably requires a stage or a new business idea with low investment to an arrangement that can take him/her to places.

    Services Provider

    So here we are to give ready-made solutions via apps to make you accessible to the people.

    We are highly specialized to create apps for iPhone, Android, and web applications.

    #11. Bidding Portal As a Freelancer:

    Freelance, for most of us, seems like an extraordinary business opportunity, however many don’t know how to begin.

    We can help you in beginning your own particular application that serves to find and post full-time or low-maintenance employment.

    Our App Solutions are accessible for Android, and iPhone.

    One will just post his prerequisite, and in this way, you can choose the most qualified worker for employment.

    One can without much stress rapidly discover employment as per profile. We also provide web page solutions for searching and sorting jobs.

    #12. Online Appointment System:

    The world has changed so has society. In spite of the fact that medical experts have neglected the inclusion of innovation in their profession.

    But now they are prepared to come up with or join innovative and newer ways of reaching out to patients directly.

    We are up with a solution to help the healthcare segment, by which patients can get an appointment without going personally to the doctor.

    Fundamentally physical presence is not necessary rather what is required is virtual presence.

    Hence enabling an online application, by which you can discover different specialists and facilities as per your choice.

    #13. Chatting App:

    Chat and Messaging App is a major help for individuals who are searching for some sort of instant information.

    Additionally, this is a major source of earning a good amount of money.

    Chatting App
    An app similar to WhatsApp and Viber for Android and iOS helps you to discover and make boundless visits with companions.

    It is a speedier arrangement that enables you to send your images, audio, and video calls and chat to anyone across the globe.

    #14. Video Uploading System:

    There is a lot of potential to profit by uploading stunning videos or by creating a video gallery in a viable way.

    A better Video Uploading System must have the capability to transfer your pictures, audio, and video seamlessly.

    In fact, a multipurpose and responsive video-sharing app for each gadget including Web App can be a great idea.

    #15. Image Sharing Solution:

    Though photography is a profitable business it requires high skill and innovative creativity.

    We have a thought for you. A photography business solution in a digital manner can be a game-changer, hence, a customize App to make your thought a reality, a ready-made solution on Android, iPhone, and Web app is required.

    The arrangement should come with a simple and easy way to edit or share your pictures.

    #16. Job Portal for Job Seeker:

    Do you think beginning an enlistment business is extreme?

    We believe that a recruitment business is to counsel. It can be made even more simple by having a job solution app, that helps you tie up with job seekers and job consultants.

    Job Portal for Job Seeker
    This job solution app should be compatible with all the devices like Android, iPhone, etc.

    #17. Loyalty Reward Program:

    Beginning a dedicated remunerating program requires customary correspondence with your members.

    A loyalty business program is an extraordinary method for indicating to clients that they are esteemed.

    It can make marketing efforts successful and can bring to you a list of faithful consumers for your business.

    This type of concept can be very boosting for restaurant and shop owners.

    #18. ChatBot Solution:

    An automated bot allows an automatic response by machine learning, asks a question, and gets quick answers with a chatbot app solution.

    It is a ready-made app solution for users and admins. The app must be compatible with Android, iPhone, and web chat, thus helping chat in an easy and safer way.

    #19. Game World:

    A gaming app is a great way to get involved with your friends or community. Games like PokemonGo, which are very simple to install and play are a great way to play and socialize as well.

    Game Development Business

    SAGIPL has a team of game developers that can create games like this and can also provide an online game solution for PC, Android, and iPhone in a highly secure manner.

    #20. Matrimonial Business:

    Are you willing to start your own matrimonial website?

    But probably don’t know how to create one?

    So, here we are to help you create your specific solution similar to any famous matrimonial website.

    We have a highly capable team that can provide an app for Android, iPhone, and the Web as per your requirement, that can be user-friendly and manage everything with the multi-vendor facility.

    #21. Social Networking:

    Many of us are today interested in starting a social networking site and app for business.

    We are capable of providing social networking web and app solutions that will help you connect with friends, chat, audio and video call, photo and file sharing, and others.

    #22. Delivery Services:

    How rapidly you can begin a product delivery business like FedEx. What can be the chief prerequisite?

    The premier prerequisite is a transportation arrangement that can deal with sending and accepting everyday relegation.

    The shipping solutions can help to manage the consignment details and report with one click just like FedEx.

    One can find the best trading arrangement with a shipping solution.

    It can easily track and manage goods on Android, iPhone, and other web applications.

    Web development company

    #23. Hardware Intelligence:

    To begin a business based on Hardware knowledge, first, you have to comprehend the needs and have to recognize the correct data sets to work at. A better solution can make your life more productive and easier.

    This type of solution can act as an interface between a hardware device and mobile equipment, making things less complicated.

    The solution must be versatile and should function on all the major mobile platforms.

    #24. Promotion Business:

    You can figure out how to develop your business utilizing Admob devices intended to help you.

    It helps you in settling on key choices from the starting point. We have a dedicated Ad-mob solution for Android, ios, and website.

    Ad-mob solution for Android

    Admob is a place where you can promote various things related to your business and work.

    It can advertise your brand, products, and services and has instant application answers for online publicity.

    #25. The Point of Sale Solution:

    This specific service is in very high demand specifically in regard to small entrepreneurs.

    It helps to find the best Point of Sale solution and gives the most effortless approach to dealing with your retail business.

    One can have the Point of Sale ready-made application answer for your retail business that can be utilized for dealing with your store and staff administration and store items and stock.

    It is a trusted, capable, and sensible ready-made application for any business.

    #26. Stock Management System:

    Stock management is not something that gets the most Or, in simple words, it’s one of the toughest segments.

    In any case, stock management can make things more straightforward and simple to deal with your stock. Stock management is a critical piece of retail business.

    Stock Management System

    One can compose stock, requests, and deals through this arrangement. A stock management app solution that can be easily accessible via Android, iPhone and web apps to handle business sales and stock details on the smartphone.

    It is secure and can be effortlessly managed, and should have a flexible employee management system to quickly access the product details.

    #27. Internet of thing (IoT):

    The Internet of things is dependent upon us, today everyone has gadgets, and gadgets have turned out to be significantly more internally associated.

    Because of this consumers and businesses have access to useful information whenever and wherever they need it.

    Connecting devices with internet connectivity and thus having a user-friendly device and internet solution for any work is the sole purpose of IoT business.

    #28. Payment Gateway System:

    I think at this moment in the age where innovation is progressing at a quicker rate, one ought to have a secured payment gateway.

    A payment gateway helps us to send money to anybody, anywhere easily and with high-security features.

    payment gateway

    One just requires buying a mobile and a web app that can operate on all operating systems and devices like Android and iOS websites.

    Here are some examples of Payment Gateways:

    • Braintree
    • Sage Pay
    • Authorize.net
    • PaymentExpress
    • TrustCommerce

    #29. Room Booking System:

    Would you like to begin and maintain the online hotel booking business?

    If yes, then we can help you create a specific app for this purpose, similar to many currently prevailing apps.

    The app must have the facility to compare and book the room and ought to be accessible via Android, iPhone, and website.

    #30. Live Streaming Solution:

    If you are intending to begin a live video streaming application business and have no technical knowledge to perform the action.

    So here we are to help you create your own video streaming app like Hotstar that comes has a simple, useful, and effective UI.

    Live Streaming Stats
    Source: Business Insider

    For wider popularity, an App must be versatile and can be used across all the platforms like Android, iPhone, and Web applications.

    #31. Kiosk System:

    In case you are keen to start a kiosk business then start with the help of our solution that manages payment for your business in a very easy and effective way.

    One can find easy and immediate access at any time that can be used for your business which works on iPhone, Android, and web applications.

    It is a faster way to put input and get your output so as to make business-related payments in a secure way.

    #32. Laundry Business:

    In case we want to start any business, the very primary question that comes to our mind is how to start a business.

    The laundry app solution is currently the best place to invest money that felicitates on-demand cleaning services.

    The App must work efficiently on all major operating systems like Android, ios, and websites.

    The benefits of this laundry app solution are easy tracking options, time-saving, user-friendly, and on-time delivery for complete customer satisfaction.

    #33. Team Message App Solution:

    90% of Our time on Mobile is Spent on Email And Messaging Apps

    People in the corporate world require passing on information regarding projects, sharing ideas, instant messages, etc.

    Hence, a business messaging app is a requirement of each and every corporate office.

    The App for this purpose can be a great venture and profitable too. the App for this purpose must have the capabilities like image and file sharing in different formats, and also it should have support for Android, iOS, and the web.

    popular business mobile messaging app

    #34. Grocery Business:

    Are you planning to start an online grocery store that works smoothly on smartphones as well?

    All questions related to your business can be met with a proper online App. And as we are a renowned app-making firm, we would be more than happy to assist you in all possible ways.

    The App built by us will have all the necessary features and be compatible with all major OS in the trend.

      #35. iBeacon App Solution:

      This is an awesome thought for the individuals who are extremely quick to put resources into eatery businesses like restaurants or selective showrooms and so forth.

      Beacon Application Development
      We have a specialized team to solve all the app-related issues, hence making the business profitable and also helping in promoting products in a super technical but easy way.

      The App for this business must have support for all the major mobile and web platforms.

      #36. Voice Conversation:

      Do you need somebody to respond to your voice in an alternate tone?

      Through voice transformation business arrangement one can make the voice sound male or female.

      One can change voice with many effect-adjusted voices and can have a ton of fun.

      Record your voice, apply impacts, and offer them to your companions. It works as a ready-to-use voice editing app for playing your own voice.

      #37. Group Management Software:

      Do you need group administrators and different representatives to arrange work and different activities?

      Be that as it may, don’t know how to go about it. We have a business solution relating to this that will deal with your work.

      It will help you check and refresh the work of your representatives and can keep yourself updated with your employee’s work.

      It also works for leave management, salary management, leave rule management, company information update, and report management.

      This type of software can also do project management and employee registration.

      #38. Plumbing Business:

      The pipes business offers you to deal with little repairs and additionally it offers an enormous business for significant ventures like hospital facility development, city pipelines, and housing developments.

      One study has anticipated that plumbing sector will develop by 16% by 2021.

      A proper app and software solution to this field can enhance the growth of manifolds.

      #39. Event Management:

      By any chance, if you are thinking to start an event management venture then the most vital thing that you require is strong social networking communication.

      event management

      Success in this field depends on contacts, marketing, and negotiating skills. It also requires imperative time management to successfully organize an event.

      #40. Mobile Auto Workshop:

      There are numerous vehicles being used, and many of them break down in the middle of a journey.

      A mobile Auto Workshop can be an amazing idea to combat these situations.

      A user-friendly app or software can further enhance the business exponentially and that must be usable on all major operating systems.

      #41. Cleaning Services App:

      A dedicated app to hire people for the cleaning of offices and even homes can be a major business idea.

      It will also help cleaners to get instant work on a regular basis, and on the other side people hiring them will not have to manually hunt them for the odd jobs.

      The app must have a simple UI that can be even understood by less or uneducated people as well.

      #42. Interior Decorator:

      Market your gifted talent to create contractual workers. Individuals obtaining new homes can regularly be overpowered by the decisions and conceivable outcomes in home enhancement.

      Interior Decorator

      Plan a few surveys for each significant component and each real room in the house.

      Discover how the property holder will utilize the home- –

      are there youngsters? Pets?

      Does the lady of the house wear high heels?

      Do the home’s inhabitants disregard evacuation shoes?

      In what manner will each room be utilized?

      Where may undertaking to light and encompassing lighting be generally suitable?

      Summarily, proper planning and an innovative business idea can make this profession very profitable.

      The use of modern innovation for the same can uplift the magnitude of this field.

      #43. Jewelry Making:

      There is a wide range of methods for getting into the ornaments and jewellery business.

      Working in metal will presumably require the most in the method for particular apparatuses.

      You should have the capacity to warm the metal to control it, and you require metalworking instruments to cut and etch it.

      In any case, there are numerous different materials that you can work with to make jewellery – glass, plastic, dabs, plumes, and even wood, to name some.

      #44. Marketing Copywriter:

      On the off chance that you can compose content that gets individuals amped up for buying what your customer is offering, you can earn a substantial amount of money by this.

      Unless you are very experienced in working in the copywriting field, take a course.

      Marketing Copywriter

      There are online courses or classes available that can further enhance writing skills.

      Writing content for brochures, catalogues, advertising, and, of course, marketing copy for the web is one of the emerging fields of modern times.

      #45. Personal Trainer:

      Publicize your services in places where everybody goes, similar to eateries and markets.

      Having a site is a smart thought – individuals require some privacy for this and a home trainer can be best in this regard.

      Along with the website, an App for this can be a major game-changer. Make your services available to a wider range of audiences.

      #46. Property Management:

      Your employment, on account of rental units, will be to ensure the property is running easily.

      For seasonal properties, you will no doubt invest your time and energy in ensuring the property is prepared for regular visits and very much kept up when nobody is around.

      In the event that the proprietors leave for a month and a half in the winter, the property chief makes a standard keeps an eye on the property.

      For this purpose, a well-maintained App and website can further boost the scope in this field.

      The App and website must be user-friendly with great UI and operable to all the major operating systems.

      #47. Old Book Sale:

      Practically everybody has a couple of boxes of books buried in the house someplace. Why not make a business out of them?

      Keeping in mind the end goal to pick up clients – particularly rehash clients – you should have some consistent shop hours.

      Make your shop known for a particular classification of books. Encourage buyers with the swap program, under which the books can be exchanged, Maps, greeting cards, postcards, and magazines are great sidelines to incorporate into your shop.

      making it an online venture can be another significant step for the business.


      #48. Wedding Planner:

      You should be acquainted with all the state-of-the-art wedding patterns and prevailing fashions, dress styles, shading patterns – practically everything under the sun!

      Offer your clients an all-carte menu of administrations, from helping pick flowers, the wedding outfit, and bridesmaid dresses to picking the venue and hiring the caterer.

      Before you open your business, be prepared for all the exhausting and daunting tasks you might have to perform.

      You need to know every detail of the business to give the accurate impression that you are one for anyone planning a magnificent wedding.

      #49. Appliance Repairing Services:

      Each family unit has various apparatuses, huge and little. You can take a shot on your own or on contract with apparatus stores to cover their warranty service calls.

      Plan to begin moderate and manufacture your client base on suggestions and referrals in view of function admirably done.

      View creating associations with contractual workers as the go-to individual to repair apparatuses in houses.

      The use of a digital platform for this purpose in the form of a website and app can boost the business manifold.

      We at SagIpl are specialized in creating these types of Apps and Websites that foster your dream into reality.

        #50. Website Developer:

        The scope of the website developer in this period of time is very fast.

        The emergence of technology and the easy availability of the Internet has escalated the scope of online business.

        Seeing this. from small shopkeepers to large business houses making their online business.

        The website is a must-have step to sustain any kind of business in the current scenario.

        Hence, we can easily calculate the scope of a website developer.

        Website Developer

        #51. Buy-sell Websites:

        In the online world, websites are treated the same as property or stocks.

        You can consider starting a business as an intermediator between the buyers and sellers of websites.

        Through your business website, you can let buyers choose from a collection of available websites for sale and place their bids to buy a specific website.

        You will earn a handsome commission on each website sale.

        #52. Virtual Assistant:

        If you have the right skills to provide office services in an organized and punctual manner, you can start your own ‘online assistant’ business through which you can provide online services to those looking for help with basic office work or some other work that can be done via the internet.

        #53. Online Consultancy:

        If you have good experience and knowledge of HR-related services, you can start your consultancy agency through which you can help people with tips and guidance for getting a high-paying job or acing a promotion interview.

        HR related services

        People would be delighted to pay you good money in exchange for your tips, just do not share it for free.

        #54. Graphic Design Business:

        If you are planning to leave your Graphic Design job and start your own Company, there is no better time than now.

        The demand for talented graphic designers is only growing, and you can make the best out of it by starting your own freelance or full-time Graphic Design Company now!

        Then, you can also include related services, such as web designing, development, etc, in your portfolio.

        #55. MS Powerpoint Design:

        While some people may consider it a small thing, PowerPoint presentations can be quite complex and excruciating for those who are not well-versed in Microsoft Office tools.

        If you have a good idea and experience in these technologies, you can earn well by providing your services to those in need.

        #56. App Development:

        The mobile app industry is growing at a rate higher and more significant than any other sector.

        Even with over 2.1 Million apps in the Play Store and close to 2 million in the Apple Store, the demand for new apps is not slowing down.

        So, if you can develop good mobile apps, you can surely put your skills to work by starting your own venture in this industry.

        #57. Affiliate Marketing:

        If you have a website or even a YouTube channel with good enough traffic, you can utilize this traffic to earn through affiliate marketing.

        Affiliate Marketing

        What you need to do is sign up with one or more affiliate networks. There you can find businesses who would pay you for bringing them leads y advertising their products/services through your own website or YouTube channel.

        #58. WordPress Development:

        WordPress is an open-source CMS for developing websites. If you have the required skills and experience in WordPress development services, you can go into the business of building WordPress websites, blogs, plugins, WordPress maintenance, etc.

        based on your skill set, you can build basic to advance WordPress sites and earn good money.

        #59. Create and Sell Online Courses:

        Online courses are fastly becoming a preferred choice for thousands of online learners.

        If you have mastered or are even good at a particular skill, you can create and sell an online course, teaching people how to do something in a perfect way. They would be happy to pay you in exchange.

        #60. Domain Sell and Buy:

        Besides websites, you can also get involved in the buying and selling of internet domains.

        People are always looking for good domain names for their new businesses. You can let them search and buy from an existing list of expired or on-sale domains.

        #61. Sales Consultancy:

        If you’re someone with great marketing and sales skills and would be interested in helping businesses grow their sales, you can start a consultancy firm providing your services.

        Companies would be happy to pay you a good commission in exchange for sales.

        #62. Investment Advisor:

        This is a real business with a real demand in the market. If you think you’re good at financial and investment advice, consider making a business out of it.

        Investment Advisor

        Help people with their investments and other financial decisions and make good money from your service.

          #63. Business Consultancy:

          If you are good at giving people useful business advice that often turns out to be solid, starting a full-time or part-time business consultancy can be the best option for you.

          Depending on your credentials and quality of advice, people might be eager to pay you.

          #64. Health Coaching:

          People are always thinking about their health and fitness and would love to pay you for coaching them to keep themselves fit, given that you have good knowledge about healthy food and exercise.

          #65. Social Media Management:

          This kind of job is usually performed by expert social media marketers, but people are always looking for cost-effective alternatives.

          Social Media Management

          If you have some experience and knowledge of managing social media (Facebook & Twitter) pages, you can get paid by making it a business.

          #66. Social Media Influencers:

          This is different from getting paid for managing someone else’s social pages.

          As an influencer, you should have a strong social media presence with a huge number of followers on different social sites.

          Then, you can charge a good amount per post for promoting others’ products or services.

          #67. Translation Services:

          If you are proficient in more than one language, with English being the primary language, you can find good opportunities as a translator for businesses around the world.

          Over time, you can grow your business by hiring more translators with coverage of more languages.

          #68. Content Proofreading & Editing:

          If you think your grammar and typo skills are impeccable and you are good at catching mistakes in the written content, you can start providing proofreading and editing services to businesses and individual writers around the world.

          Content Proofreading & Editing

          #69. Ghostwriting:

          Are you good at writing and want to take it as a full-time business? then, you can consider providing your services as a ghostwriter.

          In this, you’ll be writing content on someone else’s behalf who will pay you and get the credit for your work.

          #70. Custom Product Selling:

          Develop a custom product, such as a custom t-shirt design, and start selling them on popular websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

          The best thing is that you don’t actually need to be an expert in anything, in particular, just need to find the right product to sell.

          #71. Coach Online:

          If you have good knowledge about a particular topic or subject or you are really good at something, you could start an online business teaching your skills to others.

          Coach online

          This may involve starting a YouTube channel, creating and selling online courses, and/or starting a blog.

          #72. Teach English:

          The demand for proficient English teachers is as high as ever. If you have good English writing and/or speaking skills, you can consider teaching English to students online.

          You can get paid handsomely depending on your skills and experience.

          #73. Real Estate Analyst:

          If you have a good understanding and knowledge of the real estate (property) market, then you can start your own real estate valuation & analysis business to help people analyze the near-exact value of their properties, for a fee of course.

          #74. UI/UX Designers:

          With the increasing demand for user-oriented interface designs, the need for qualified User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designers is only increasing with time.

          If you have those skills, consider starting your UI/UX design agency.

          #75. Build Websites:

          Web Development is another of the top internet skills that are huge in demand.

          To be able to start your own web development firm, you should be well-accustomed to technologies like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, etc, and have some experience in the field.

          #76. Online Journalism:

          Journalism has always been a lucrative field with a lot of career opportunities, but not everyone is comfortable with working in a traditional broadcasting atmosphere or newspaper.

          Well, no worries. You can start out in online journalism by creating your own YouTube channel or blog or by simply working for an online magazine or newspaper like Forbes.com.

          #77. Online Podcast:

          As someone once said, “if you are good at something never do it for free.” Why provide your content for free when you can earn good money from it?

          Start your own podcasting business and earn by providing users with unique and valuable audio content.

          #78. Remote Customer Service:

          Almost every kind of business needs customer service people to help their customers with their product/service-related issues.

          If you have good management and people skills, you can start a business to manage the customer service responsibility on behalf of big corporations.

          #79. Blogging:

          The blogging is something almost every online user is aware of but only a few are doing it the right way.


          It’s all about sharing unique and useful content with the target audience. If you have ideas for fresh and engaging content, consider starting a blog.

          #80. Start a YouTube Channel:

          Videos are the most popular content type accessed by users online.

          Start a YouTube Channel

          With YouTube being the biggest host of online videos, you can certainly make a successful business by starting a viral YouTube Channel to showcase something you specialize in.

          #81. Teach Music:

          This is one of the small businesses that can be run both offline and online.

          If you have a serious interest in teaching and good enough music skills, you can consider becoming a part-time or full-time music teacher.

          #82. Freelance Accounting & Bookkeeping:

          Accounting/bookkeeping is one of the most outsourced jobs. Companies, that do not have the required resources or budget for such operations, usually outsource the task to small accounting agencies and freelancers.

          If you are good at finance and bookkeeping, consider starting your own accounting company.

          #83. Travel Consultancy:

          Travel is one of the industries that is not going to fade anytime soon, simply because people will always travel, either for business or fun or for some other reason.

          So, if you are looking to start a trendy business and have a real passion for travelling, this might just be the right option for you.

          #84. Yoga Instructor:

          Everyone is doing yoga and paying a great deal of amount to yoga instructors.

          Besides regular people, even companies are not following Yoga/meditation traditions to keep their staff healthier and stress-free.

          Yoga Instructor

          If you have good Yoga skills, start selling them through your own website.

          #85. SEO Consultancy:

          Have good SEO and online marketing skills? If you think your SEO skills can help businesses get more traffic online way, the option to provide dedicated SEO services by starting the SEO company seems the right one for you.

          #86. Voiceover Services:

          The voiceover is a special skill where you should have a good, distinct voice with the ability to modulate it according to the script’s requirements.

          If you have that, feel free to try your luck with voiceover services for movies, animations, etc.

          #87. Content Marketing:

          Marketing a particular product, service, or business via unique and targeted content is something that not everyone can do.

          Content Marketing

          If you think you’ve got the right content marketing skills, make a business out of it by providing your content services to businesses around the world.

          32% of Digital Marketing Experts Say Finding Content Marketing Professional Is a Challenge.

          #88. Copywriting:

          Copywriting is a skill different from content writing. A copy is usually written as a promotional content for advertising or marketing a particular thing.

          If you are good at that, you could lend your skills to businesses looking for promotional content.

          #89. Event Planning:

          Thanks to the internet, event planning has now become a location-independent business where you can work from anywhere and manage your event team remotely via phone or Skype.

          Moreover, the money is really good if you can get hands-on with some good clients.

          #90. Custom Furniture Making:

          This is a skill-product-based idea where you need to have good crafting skills to be able to design creative furniture pieces that are realistic.

          custom furniture items

          If so, you can start a business out of it and design & deliver custom furniture items on demand.

          #91. Sell Photos Online:

          If you have a genuine interest in photography and own a good enough Camera, it is time that you start using it to make yourself some money.

          Select the best of your camera photos and list them on photo-selling websites such as Shutterstock and Unsplash to earn money in the form of royalties.

          #92. Vacation Rental System:

          If you have a home or property in a popular tourist location, you can consider renting it out to tourists on a per-day basis, just like a hotel, but only better.

          Besides that, you can also manage the rental service for other owners who also want to rent out their properties.

          #93. Sell Bottled Water:

          Bottled/Mineral water is the solution to the growing problem of the availability of natural drinking water.

          You do not even need any skills for the job, as you can outsource most of the tasks to other people while managing the admin duties yourself.

          #94. Mobile/Computer Repairing:

          The increasing use of mobile phones and other portable devices is a business opportunity not only for the manufacturers of these devices but also for those who can repair them.

          Computer Repairing

          If you have the required skills, you can consider providing your repair services to those who need them.

          #95. EV Charging Station:

          Apparently, almost all companies are launching their electric vehicles and so the demands are also rising every day. So, the idea of starting up the business of this stream would probably be a great success. As the demand for electric vehicles is rising every day, in the coming future, the requirement for EV charging stations itself emerges.

          #96. Online Advertising Business:

          In this kind of business, you won’t work as either an advertiser or a publisher but as an intermediator who helps these two connect and use each other’s services. In exchange, you can charge a fee for your own service.

          #97. Privacy Protection Services:

          If you have good networking skills and a passion for ethical hacking, you can help individuals and businesses to protect their data and privacy online against all kinds of cyberattacks.

          #98. Food Truck:

          Going a little out of the internet league, this kind of business is purely brick-and-mortar, however, you can always provide home delivery of your food via an online app or website.


          If you have a keen interest in food-making, this is one of the best ways to start a career in this industry.

          #99. Organic Farming:

          The demand for natural, organic food is increasing by the day.

          Organic food is the solution to the hundreds of diseases arising out of your stomach.

          Consider starting a business in this industry.

          Even better if you already have a place for farming as this will reduce the startup cost.

          #100. Electric Bikes:

          With electric cars and bikes already highly on trend, the industry is only going forward from this point.

          Start your electric vehicle manufacturing business now to become a part of future business ideas.

          #101. VR Product Manufacturing:

          As VR technology becomes mainstream, the demand for advanced virtual reality devices, such as headsets, glasses, etc, is only going to increase.

          VR Product Manufacturing

          Looking for a technology-oriented business idea? this might be just the right one for you.

          To sum up, where there’s a will there’s a way.

          If you are serious about starting your own business, you’ll eventually find a way that perfectly complements both your skills and interest.

          If not, you can always turn to our blog for ideas.

          Most of these startup business ideas are good for making money with little to no investment.

          Still, confused? Contact us now to reach an expert business analyst who will not only help you find the right idea for your business or website but also will assist with web development, app development, online marketing, and related services.

          #102. Voice Translator:

          Business ideas around translation in 2024 can bring big money back to your home. For those who don’t know, Google translates in 2022 to have 227 million monthly voice searches alone from people to help them solve things they want.

          As a startup business, you can sell text in different languages to an international audience to help you get to reach more people.

          Being a business, it is a very good idea to sell products that can translate into multiple languages to make good profits.

          #103. Reusable Bags:

          As we move ahead in the 21st century, people are getting conscious and more aware of pollution and the trouble that it can cause for future generations.

          reusable bags

          2021, for a matter of fact, is no different! To make good money in 2021 as a startup business, you can start the production or manufacturing of reusable carry bags.

          You will easily find your target customer niche, as many people are already becoming big fans of reusable bags.

          #104. Online Reselling:

          You can sell/resell everything on the internet. If you are interested in selling clothes and other goods, then you can start a side hustle and convert it into a full-time resale business. Just maintain good quality and resale items that are in a good condition and are ready to shine. Can’t afford to build a dedicated eCommerce? no problem, there are many platforms where you can list your products and start your reselling business.

          #105. Medical Courier Service:

          You can establish a courier service business if you have a reliable vehicle and good time management skills. Specifically, medical courier service providers are in huge demand post-pandemic so either start yourself or hire a driver to deliver medical items such as laboratory samples, medicines and equipment.

          #106. Transcription Service:

          If you have good listening skills and you can type faster then you can also work as a transcription service provider. This will also allow you to work from home with a flexible schedule. Medical transcription services are particularly needed in the form of voice recognition technology for healthcare provider dictation dissemination.

          #107. Cleaning Service:

          cleaning service

          Do you love to clean up? you can easily turn it into a business. By hiring a few cleaning staff, and arranging cleaning supplies, tools and transportation, you can provide cleaning services to residential, commercial and strata properties. To make your own name in the field, you can add additional services like floor waxing, exterior power washing and more for an additional fee.

          #108. Home Care Service:

          This is a service whose demand is only going to increase. A background in caring and hospitality can go a long way in supporting stay-at-home seniors who require at-home care. With some experience, you can also consider widening the services offered. You can help senior citizens by providing services such as transporting, packing, installing, or storing their furniture and possessions.

          #109. Digital Marketing:

          You can also build a Digital Marketing business without spending much. Digital Marketing doesn’t require much investment and manpower. If you receive a good marketing job then hire a few digital marketers and you are ready to serve. Normally you will have to take care of content writing, SEO, social media, and paid marketing in this work.

          #110. Lawn Care Service:

          Lawn Care Service

          If you are interested in lawns and gardens then you can start providing lawn care services to the urban part of your city. There is very less competition in this field and by effectively managing your workers you can start a good business without spending much. Just make sure to hire experienced lawn cleaners so you will have to worry less about maintaining the quality of your services.

          #111. Rideshare Driving:

          If you have car and driving experience you can always become a rideshare driver. Hire drivers and cars then the responsibility of running the company falls on the rideshare service, which will keep you free most of the time. There are various rideshare platforms as well which will help you at the initial stage.

          #112.  Pet Sitting:

          Many households own a pet. When these families are away for extended periods, you with your pet-sitting small business can provide them with much-needed peace of mind. You will have to watch over your clients’ pets whether it is a dog, cat, or other pets at their home, making sure to feed them, water them, play with them, and spend time with them. You may also need to keep your customers updated about how their pets are doing.

          #113. Clothing Boutique Owner:

          If you are good at designing and making dresses then you can open your own clothing boutique. Now, it may buzz into your mind that there are so many clothing stores nearby but the fact is that if you will offer unique dresses at very reasonable prices then people will definitely buy from your store.

          #114. Car-Detailing Specialist:

          Car Detailing

          Car Detailing specialists clean cars from the inside out and also provide additional services like polishing, customization, dent removal, paint job and more. Car detailing specialists are always in demand because people in this busy lifestyle don’t have proper time to clean their cars. Make sure to use quality products so clients always remain satisfied.

          #115. Interior Designer:

          A beautiful and well-decorated home is the dream of many and that’s why the business of interior designing is growing at a rapid pace in the last few years. Interior designers make indoor spaces safe, organized, functional, and beautiful by setting space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items such as colour, lighting, decorative items and materials.

          #116. Makeup Artist:

          If you are trained in styling hair and applying makeup then you can establish yourself as a makeup artist and start earning by training and styling others. It is like freelance work where it depends on you and your skill and how much time you will work. It also doesn’t require much investment and bigger space. You can start with a shop and if you like you can provide services at the client’s place.

          Your Turn:

          Thanks for reading the “103 New Startup Business Ideas”. These are some small profitable business ideas, by which you can start your own business without leaving your home. Keep the current market trend in mind before turning any idea into reality.

          Which of these ideas did you like the most? Let us know in the comments, and then use the tips above to find yourself the best-suited business startup idea according to your skills and expectations.

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