SAG IPL is Opening A New Branch in Canada – Here is Everything You Need To Know!

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SAG IPL is ready to mark a new chapter in its journey with the launch of its new branch office in Vancouver, Canada in August this year. The SAG IPL Canada office will be the main point of contact for all our existing and future clients in Canada and the US.

SAG IPL Canada

Here’s all you need to know about our upcoming Canada office.

1. Where is SAG IPL’s Canada Office?

The office will be located in Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada. The exact address will be updated shortly.

2. When is SAG IPL going to start an IT service branch in Canada?

We plan to inaugurate our Canada office on August 1, 2019.

3. What IT services will SAG IPL offer via its new branch in Canada?

We will offer a range of IT service solutions through our Canada brand. These include but are not limited to:

SAG IPL web development Services company
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • KPO Services
  • Blockchain Development & Marketing
  • E-commerce Services
  • Gaming Services

4. What will be SAG IPL’s target industries for its services in Canada?

We will continue to offer our top-quality IT services to businesses in a wide range of industries, with a special focus on the following business sectors:

  • Lawyers (Law firms, Attorneys, etc.)
  • Doctors (Healthcare industry)
  • Finance/ KPO Services

5. What will be the working hours in SAG IPL’s Canada office?

Our standard working hours in the Canada office will be – 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week (Monday to Friday).

However, we will be 24*7 reachable via call/email/chat

6. How many IT employees (staff) do you have on the payroll?

We presently have over 300 permanent employees on the payroll, who are ready to serve our clients on a full-time, part-time, and hourly basis. SAG IPL staff consists of 30+ web developers, 15+ designers, 15+ content writers, 80+ digital marketers, and multiple other experts.

7. What is the background of SAG IPL?

SAG IPL was founded in 2010 as the IT subsidiary of SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd (a reputed software/services firm based in India). The company’s head office is located in Jaipur (India), which hosts over 300 employees in different departments.

SAG IPL has over a decade of experience in developing & delivering customized IT solutions, including websites, web apps, mobile apps, blockchains, and more, to clients worldwide. So far, we have worked on nearly 1000 projects for businesses in a wide range of industries, with exceptional expertise in law, healthcare, and finance.

8. What are the education (qualifications) and skills of your employees?

Most of our full-time employees are graduates in their respective domains, with most of them having a technical degree (B. Tech/BCA/MCA) in I.T. (Information technology) and similar fields. We also have a notable pool of MBA postgraduates with expertise in finance, HR, and technology.

Thanks to our rigorous selection process, our IT team consists of highly skilled and talented people, who are well-educated and experienced in their domains. We also continue to train our staff in advanced technologies to keep offering cutting-edge IT solutions to our clients.

9. What have you achieved in your industry so far?

We have achieved a fulfilling experience of 10 years, during which we have been fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds of companies in diverse business sectors. Most of our previous clients are so happy with our services that they will not give it a second thought to work with us again.

SAG IPL Work Experience

Also, we have achieved an enormous reputation as a leading provider of top-notch IT software solutions in the industry.

10. Who will manage SAG IPL’s Canada office?

SAG IPL’s Canada branch office will be managed by Mr. Pranshu Sharma, who is presently working as a Sr. Business Development Manager with the company.

11. What is his qualification and experience?

Mr. Sharma holds a Bachelor’s degree in administration and Law and a Master’s degree in Corporate Law.

He has over 5 years of experience in sales and another 1.5 years in Litigation (Law).

12. What is your contact number and email id or Skype id?

You can reach our Canada branch office at the following contact information:

Whatsapp – +91 7023472073

Skype id – live:canada.office_1

Email ID:

By Amit Gupta

Founder and CEO of SAG IPL

Amit Gupta, who is the CEO and Founder of SAG IPL, founded this company with the vision to become the #1 provider of quality-driven and cost-effective blockchain marketing and development services in the world. As a Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in software and web development, he manages a team of over 200 professionals, comprising designers, developers, and marketers, committed to delivering top-notch web, software, mobile, and blockchain solutions to clients worldwide. Linkedin


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