What is Whitepaper Structure To Attract More Investor To Your Blockchain Project?

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What Is Whitepaper Structure To Attract More Investors?

What is a White Paper? 

A whitepaper is required in the market for every single Initial coin offering (ICO) after it becomes successful.

On a whitepaper, solutions have been provided that are used to solve the issues that the project seeks to solve with the description of their product, its architecture and its user interface. White paper writing services include the points listed below:

  • Introduction
  • Disclaimer
  • Table of contents
  • Description of the market and the problem
  • Description of the product and how it’s going to solve the said problem
  • Tokens: how many, why, how, when, and so on
  • How the raised funds are going to be used
  • The team
  • The roadmap

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    How to Set Whitepaper Structure

    We know that your writing is not much more effective still, you must write your own whitepaper. If you will find a better writer then it is more grateful to you as the writer picks up the details about the whitepaper. But to an extent, no one knows about your product better than you. 

    There is no appropriate structure of a whitepaper. An effective ICO whitepaper must fill the doubts of investors and is liable to answer all sorts of questions no matter what kind of structure it follows. Some of the questions are:

    • What is the aim of the project?
    • Is its business model effective?
    • What are the principal queries that this business is going to resolve?
    • How is it distinct from its rivals? What is its USP?
    • How can its fund be managed?
    • Do these tokens have real use?
    • Does the project need a blockchain?
    • Who are their team members and what is their reliability? 
    • Is it a working prototype or a theoretical project?

    There are some basic divisions that a whitepaper must contain:

    Headline and abstract

    Both the headlines and the abstract used to take one page but if one is unable to write in proper aspect then people deny to read it at once. A headline is crucially most important an example of it is while checking an email you have been targeted on the heading of the email. 

    A headline should be written in lesser words which expresses what the below content is about. An abstract is a doctored version of the project. People might read the abstract so that the content is about their interests or not. a good abstract makes enough sense to attract to the reader.


    Post writing the abstract the introduction comes. It is to be understood that at least five pages are necessary to make the audience read the content while the abstract and introduction should consist of 2 to 2.5 pages. 

    In the introduction part, one must write the purpose of the project and then give a detailed expression about its current economic, political, management etc. environment which assists the need for the project. Essentially:

    • Why is your project necessary?
    • Why is your project important at this very moment?

    Issues and its Solution Along With The Product Description

    Post introduction of the project you must talk about the issues which you seem to solve along with the solutions provided by you. People make useless pdf for the showcase which will not describe proper solutions.

    This description of the product can make or break the business and take time to make the product description clear in the way how you want to run the product. Use diagrams and graphs for easy understanding and hire the person who makes info-graphics for the visual interface. Some special terms you must have explained in the whitepaper to reach the audience in understanding the product. Or there is an integral process that you have to explain to your audience. 

    However, you should have to limit the use of terms like fluffy phrases and jargon. You have described only the product at one time. But you cannot sell the product at the same time.

    Every individual request that you are proceeding with throughout your whitepaper should be lined up with credible references.

    Token Economics

    Another important thing is the role of your token in the business. It is clear that the more people utilize the token the more value it owns. The reasons are:

    The first one is that if you did not define the token then it might be hypothetical for the investor in nature. If they find no interest in your token then they soon will vanish. This is not what you choose for your token.  Your token must have the value that in case it drops by a few points then the coin holders sell from their portfolio. It should be like BTC or Fiat.

    The concept of token velocity needs to be understood why people hold your tokens. 

    Velocity = Total Transaction Volume / Average Network Value

    From the above formula, it concludes that velocity is directly proportional to the total transnational volume and is inversely proportional to the average volume network. 

    Average Network Value = Total Transactional Volume / Velocity.

    It means the more the token velocity, the less the average network volume of the ecosystem. Thus from the mathematical descriptions, however, what does that mean and why are we saying that this could be the ultimate judge of ICO success?

    Token Usage Guidelines

    If you had invested in ICO then would you not want to know where the company is investing your hard-earned money? This is exactly the same as you should have to show the roadmap to your investor where you are going to invest their money. This gives security to investors as there are scams occurred in recent times. 

    Thus you must have a detailed description of the layout, what you are going to offer and where your plan will go off. Also, you must give updates about where and when you are investing the investor’s money. 

    Road Map

    A road map is the basic part of the whitepaper which gives direction to the business it consists of guidelines, rules, events and deadlines. The info-graphics and chronicle diagram will further give more visuality in comparison to the text-based road map. 

    At the very least, the RoadMap requires to have a full working plan for the succeeding 12–18 months, which indeed consists of a beta launch.

    Why should a RoadMap be presented?

    • Firstly, it provides a great view to your investors with context to how your project is going to look. 
    • Secondly, it allows for continuous examination of the development of the project. This makes the developers updated with time.

    Team and Advisers 

    It is a mandatory part of your whitepaper where you can introduce your readers to the project team. A team of experienced people along with readers and the adviser will secure heavy investment. 

    In a whitepaper, you must show the talented team members and also make sure that you have to mention their respective talents however most ICO don’t have their own blockchain engineer in their companies, which signifies that no experienced blockchain person in the team resembles that the process seems to be slower which states that project is not going to go anywhere. 

    Ways Crypto Startups Can Attract the Right Investors

    The major factor to make crypto popular is because of the more and more use of the blockchain that people are willing to work on. There are several ways through which an entrepreneur can approach potential investors who can find themselves in a position to increase their investment. 

    Requirement of Ingenuity 

    There is no future for unoriginality in every industry, the creative and original with unique solutions for solving problems is an indispensable marketing strategy. The investors will not seek attention towards the product until you provide a unique side of the product.

    The common ideas and products will lead to vanishing investors and thus many startups fail. Several Bitcoins have tried to replace the functions of BTC but are unable to replace the same. Most of the projects are not appropriate or outdated.

    It Will Be More Appropriate to Have a Good Working Product

    It means that investors are more concerned with the layout that a business is opting for. Those days are gone when the people show only a whitepaper which shows the potential they are going to invest in their products.

    It shows that no one needs to show both the whitepaper along with the working product which gives visuality to think about the importance of the product in future. A working model can explain better and provides much more imagination than handwritten or printed white paper.

    Utilize a Multilingual Whitepaper

    Crypto does not have any boundations the world is connected through a network of individuals where people trade on crypto. Thus one of the important things in that is the language which every country has different to read and write. Hence businesses must develop the layout in different languages which every type of audience can understand. 

    The multilevel language will make an impression on the investors about the credibility of crypto and provides a clear understanding of the figures that are going to be traded. 

    Engage in ICO STO, and IEO The Right Way

    This is the thing which every entrepreneur or investor should know you should not spend all the money on the marketing side or doing the campaign for the company.

    This can be adjusted by finding the top telegram channels and social media marketing which helps in spreading the specifications and features of the product. You can select the desired channel and inform the administrator to spread the products across. 

    The telegram is better because of the presence of people on it. Doing an online campaign makes the product in the eyes of people and investors. 

    The partnership with popular channels like ICO Speaks or Cointelegraph makes your product’s details presented to investors who have given their interest in plans that are similar to crypto.

    Take Note of Your Managerial Responsibilities

    One needs to keep in mind that people must have to remember to obligate all the decisions and the duties according to the project and it needs to be completed with time.

    Duties such as the monitoring of the project process, its app and web development, website ranking, marketing and other promotional activities, discussion with team members for the upcoming events and strategies they are thinking of along with the present event they are working on.

    With the context, you have to seek information from your experienced sound team on the promotional terms for your kind of investment products.

    Get Consideration For Institutional Investors

    From the data, it has been observed that 22% of the 400 interstitial investors have invested in crypto. You have to find a way to become more visible to the investors if you really think that the product is innovative and proves to be profitable in the near future. The investors will endlessly make your crypto value higher than anyone thinks off. 

    The chances of the products of the businesses to appeal get increased to the family and other foundations if the product solves 1 or more critical challenges to the environment.

    Be Proactive in The Industry

    People usually trust those whom they know more than strangers. Thus it is hard to make-believe to the investors about the product and its future of it. The important thing is that if you really want to establish your crypto as a hit then you have to make it more credible and important by sharing thoughts and doing camping around the globe.


    Finally, we may conclude that a perfect whitepaper marketing agency can handle your everyday queries and promotional requirements.

    If we research deeply, we find SAG IPL, one of the best whitepaper content service providers they have years of experience in the industry and are also one of the first organisations to get started with the whitepaper and block-chain development services. 

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