Build A Grocery App To Help People In Pandemic Situation

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Build A Grocery App help People Pandemic Situation

People these days are not keen on saving the world as much as they are keen to ensure their evening bread. So Grocery App Development will be a great idea to deliver the bread at their door in this lockdown situation.

Coronavirus is not just infecting and killing people but it is also hurting the health, wealth, and happiness of every human being. Almost everything is badly affected by Coronavirus whether it is a manufacturing plant or grocery store.

Some parts of the world are going through a strict lockdown, and people of these areas are not allowed to come outside of their homes. But they still need food and other essential goods and that’s where a grocery app can fit in the picture while being helpful for the customers. A trusted Grocery Delivery App Development Company can help you build the perfect app in your budget.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

How can a Grocery App help people in COVID-like Situations? (Benefits)

A grocery app can help people in many ways and that’s why before diving deep into technical things here are some of the benefits of Building a grocery app to help people in lockdown caused by Corona virus spread, and the same are listed below.

It helps Keep People Home

Fear for life is keeping the people inside their home but what will happen when there will be a shortage of essential goods at their home. Of course, fear for life will be decreased and they will start roaming outside. And when they will get everything at their door then why would they wander outside.

It helps Social Distancing

A grocery app that can deliver the grocery product to the customer’s door following all the safety precautions will be a very effective way to ensure social distancing.

People don’t have to visit stores and malls in search of products so a robust grocery app will help to avoid mass gatherings. There are a few countries with a robust online grocery store chain and they are providing essential goods through mobile Grocery Delivery App and solutions.

Prevents Goods Wastage

Grocery shop owners were not prepared for lockdown thus they must have refilled stocks thus in the period of completed lockdown there is a huge risk of Good wastage.

Online grocery stores and apps can prevent wastage of goods. Along with lockdown, the financial condition of many countries is getting down day by day thus Goods are super precious now. We can’t afford to waste them.

A Grocery App Development Company can help you build the right app to target your audiences.

Starts Financial Activity

Countries are facing a record of Collapse in Economic Activity, But this is not the end of the economy. When the supply-demand cycle is restored then the economy will also rise.

It is notable that the supply chain is affected but not consumption. Thus if challenges like interlinking them can be solved then it will start the financial activity, even a little bit. It can be achieved with simple Best Grocery App.

Great help for Unemployed People

Even after promoting Work from Home (WFH), there is a great chance that many people will lose their jobs due to the financial condition of the businesses. In this tough time, a grocery app will provide a good opportunity for people who lost their jobs.

There are many more benefits of a App for Grocery in this tough time but this article is about building a grocery app so we need to return to the main topic.

So Before hiring developers to build an app, you need to know about the types of grocery apps.

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What types of Grocery Mobile App Development are there?

Grocery apps can be divided into 3 types i.e. eCommerce Grocery apps, In-store Grocery apps and Personalized Grocery apps, the same are explained below.

eCommerce Grocery Apps:

These apps eliminate the boundaries of user location. These apps also provide unique features such as choice of delivery type and timings, retailer accounts, variety of products, better search, tracking, etc, and These apps are embraced by the online retailer or communities that prefer dedicated delivery services.

In-store Grocery Apps:

In-store Grocery apps are based on the concept of crafting the images of the ambiance of the grocery store virtually.

We can show categories of grocery products along with their specifications. These apps come with some limitations especially in delivery and product type.

Personalized Grocery Apps:

In these types of apps, consumers can create grocery lists and then share them with the store and allow a user to avail of the products at the moment they require.

Now after getting the idea of types of apps, it will be easy to choose one way to build something helpful. Here we are presenting functions of a Online Grocery Delivery App.

Panels and their Functions/ Elements

The Building Process, management or even working of these apps combines three panels. The Grocery Mobile App Development team needs to sync these three panels to run it and manage it effectively.

The three panels are User Panel, Admin Panel, and Delivery Panel. These panels include various functions which are listed below.

User Panel Includes

  • User Profile:- Log-in, registration, account management.
  • Browse Products: Product database, well organized, categories, detailed description, shorting.
  • Search Products:- Search mechanism, applying appropriate filters, sorting, and search criteria.
  • Order and Delivery Details:- Scheduled delivery, Order Tracking, Order Management.
  • Multiple Payment Options:- Price, Payment mode, Delivery charges.
  • Offer Zone: Offers and discount details, latest deals listing, etc.
  • Feedback & Settings:- Rating System, Sorting via rating, Feedback form, and connecting options.
  • Other functions:- User also gets Order cancellation feature as well as Accept or Reject Orders.

Grocery App Admin Panel Includes

  • Dashboard:- To manage and track all the orders and activities.
  • ManageProducts: Manage Product Availability and quantity, Manage offers, and discounts.
  • Assign Managers or Admins:- Give access to skilled and talented people to divide work and to provide excelled consumer experience.
  • Assign Order:- Manage and assign new orders to the grocery stores and also ensure that all the orders can fluently deliver to the customer.
  • Manage Customers:- Manage customer base, their reviews, and feedback, and also contact them if needed.
  • Manage Payments:- Take care of payment models and transparently manage them to keep them ready for further calculation and other works.
  • Other functions:- Push Notification, Real-time analytics, and Communication features.

Grocery App Delivery Panel Includes

  • Delivery Management:- Show notification of Delivery Job to all the relevant delivery persons or drivers. Record their responses and allot tasks to the most suitable ones.
  • Track Customer Location on Map:- Track consumer location, and identify the best-optimized path.
  • In-app Chat/In-app Calling:- this function enables the drivers to communicate within an app for fixing the time of delivery as well as finding out the correct route and destination.
  • Get Delivery Confirmation:- Confirmation from Customer and driver and review and rating of delivery.
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Top Features and Technical Aspects to Include in a Grocery App

We avoided the technical things till now but are now putting everything here. It is also important to estimate the cost which will be our last heading in this post so let’s dive in again.

Database Design and Management

A developer can utilize the latest technologies such as Cassandra or PostgreSQL for developing a robust infrastructure. However, Python and JavaScript can also do the work effectively.

An app developer can utilize Kafka Software for managing the data in real-time, Amazon S3 for storing and caching, GraphWalker for integrating the Python services and for developing the primary platform structure Google Cloud platforms or Dataproc.

Nginx can be also used for the easy and best open source for implementing on proxy servers.

Google Maps and GPS Tracking

For checking customer’s location, real-time tracking, finding the best route, estimating the delivery charge and time required, An app developed can utilize Mapkit, APIs and SDK in the app.


The Platform also needs to be flexible to integrate with various payment platforms. Nowadays Payment options such as Credit card, Debit card, Wallet, UPI, Net banking, Paypal, Braintree are the most used payment options so the app needs to integrate with all these.


Website is versatile so you will need a website, along with it you will need apps compatible with other platforms such as Android, iOS, and windows. For the best result, you can go with a multi-platform Grocery Mobile App Development.

Other Technologies Involved

  • Communication: SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, BigData, Spark, Apache Flink, IBM, Cisco

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Mobile Application Development

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Online Grocery App?

Three factors decide the cost of developing a grocery app, these three factors are App complexity, platforms required by the app, and as per country.

As you know that different countries come with their budget ratio, so it is also an important factor. However, if we calculate cost on an average basis then the overall cost will consist of:

  • Technical documentation : $1000 to $2000
  • UI/UX design : $1500 to $3000
  • Front-end and Back-end development : $10,000 to $ 20,000
  • QA and testing: $2000 to $4000

So, after calculating all the overhead costs, we can say that an average grocery app can cost up to $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform, and for a cross-platform app, the cost can rise to $50,000.

When the whole world is facing a crisis, a grocery app can show us light in this dark time, it can be a solution for many problems which are included above.

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