A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding The Consumer Behavior Process

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Consumer behavior is defined as the procedure that is evaluated on the basis of several factors like social, cultural, personal, psychological, and economic conditions, marketing campaigns and personal preferences, and so on. However, prior to jumping into what influences’ we should know what consumer behaviour is. Therefore, in this blog, we will go through the consumer behaviour process or consumer decision process. 

Consumer Behaviour Process 

Consumer behaviour is referred to as a study of individuals, groups, and organisations’ findings by observing their selections, purchasing, use and denials of goods, ideas, or experiences to complete their needs and desires. It represents the efforts of the consumers in the marketplace along with their intentions behind the actions. 

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In easy language, it states that Consumer Behaviour Process or consumer buying process is something that shows how consumers finalise what they require, need, and what they are looking for, and how they buy, use, and away from the products which they really do not require anymore. 

Varieties of Customers

Customers can be divided into 

  • Consumer
  • Ultimate Consumer
  • Buyer
  • Institutional Buyer

Significance of Consumer Behaviour 

When it comes to consumer Behaviour Process or consumer buying process it is important and thus provides a lot of the marketplace. With thorough market analysis,

you can understand the demand for products across the marketplace, which products are expired, and what is the procedure to show the product to the consumer. Now, while studying consumer behaviour, we can believe that consumers play the role of actors in the background.

It plays several acts. Different roles like information providers from users to the payers along with the disposers. During the decision making these roles are played generally. However, these roles varied in the various consumption circumstances. 

For instance, a father plays the role of an influencer when his child is in the buying procedure and at the same time he plays the part of a disposer of the products when it’s used by his family. 

Kind of Consumer Behaviour 

  • Complex buying behaviour – The complex buying behaviour procedure is practised when a consumer purchases a costly and rare product. They already have gone with a lot of research based on consumers and so are immensely engaged with the process of purchase prior to investing.  Examples like purchasing a bike, purchasing a house, and so on. 
  • Dissonance – reducing purchasing behaviour – In this kind of consumer behaviour, the consumers seem confused with brands among them and the others. However, they are way more focused on the process of purchase. Generally, these types of situations strike when a user has a second opinion or might believe that she might regret her decision afterwards. 
  • Constant buying behaviour –  This kind of behaviour is explained by the fact that consumers are engaged very less in the category of the product or brand. For instance – You went to the market to buy bread. There you will purchase the type of bread you are looking for. Here, your focus is only on bread instead of the brand it is made of. In simple words, it can say that you are going with a traditional pattern but not having any certain brand’s fandom. 
  • Multiple seeking behaviour –  While in this kind of Consumer Behaviour, the consumers always look for several varieties. They opt for different products each time they go to buy. However, it nowhere means that they weren’t satisfied with older products. It just includes in the process they want to see the varieties. 

Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour 

The 5 types of attributes on which consumer behaviour processes. Here are the factors are – 

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Personal Factors 

This factor lies in three major personal factors which are – 

  • Gender – In terms of gender, consumers’ purchasing behaviour also changes as per gender. As it can be seen that a man and a woman could carry two types of choices. And different requirements are what make them choose different choices. 
  • Income – When it comes to income, it also plays a vital role in distributing consumer inclination toward one brand of product to another. An individual who earns more always opts for the luxurious products he can buy, however, a person with a low salary will go for cheaper products. And in other cases, those who have enough capital can spend on a high-class lifestyle and entertainment whereas the low-salaried people will avoid it. People with low income can always look to fulfil their basic requirements like food, clothes, and shelter whereas the people with more capital will opt for everything luxurious. 
  • Education – Education is one of the aspects that have the capability to bring change in the world. If an individual is educated, he will do better research prior to sending their ward comparatively a non-educated person cannot. 

Life Cycle and Age Factors 

When the age grows at the same Consumer Behaviour buying also changes. As people grow Certain requirements also change. The products for babies like baby bottles and diapers are made for children who cannot be used by adults. 

Cultural Factors 

Cultural factors that are imposed on the consumer behaviour process are – 

  • Culture 

Culture is something that can be believed and also is a kind of perception that an individual learns from their respective family background at an early age. This culture divides us through different forms like food, traditions, clothes, and behaviour. And this culture can be seen differently in different countries and in communities. 

  • Subculture 

Later cultures, each culture is broken into subcultures like caste, class, and gender. Each caste has its own beliefs and thoughts like Hindu girls marrying in red clothes whereas Christians wore white at their wedding. 

  • Social class

As society is classified into its social standing, economic success, and wealth then it is called social class. These classes are classified on the education and occupation they do. It affects the behaviour of the consumer as people make selections, purchases, and consumption, and also communicate based on their social standing. 

Social Factors – 

This social factor relies upon when people or groups of people are related to each of them by blood, marriage, adoption, or staying together. And here family plays a vital role in influencing Consumer Behaviour Process as specifics will put their personality, beliefs, perceptions, and tastes as per the family.


Family can be referred to when an individual or group of people are related to each other through marriages, blood, adoption, or living together. A family also plays a huge role in influencing the Consumer behaviour process as a species will rotate their beliefs, personality, thought process, and taste as per their family. 

  • Reference group –  This reference group is defined as the people or community of people who look to anyone for advice during their purchase. This kind of reference group can impact Consumer Behavior Process as a specific’s beliefs, perceptions, behaviour, and values normally get affected because of the reference group. Such as teachers, neighbours, and friends. 
  • Role and Status – An individual’s role is considered based on their position which relies on a certain group. Generally, people choose their buying on the basis of their specific role and status in society. They opt for the products to buy which resemble a status in their group. Therefore, marketers always classified and make their products on the basis of their target audience. 

Here are some other factors that include – 

  • Learning – This term is referred to as the consumer keeping the feedback of the product in their mind after its use. It can either be positive or negative. 
  • Motivation – The term motivation is an internal force that stays inside the human and encourages the customer to shop for any product again. 
  • Attitude and beliefs – There are some times when consumers get attached or have believed in any product for a long time. And here belief means when a consumer has a certain mindset for a specific product. 

Psychological factors

It is yet another factor that drives the Consumer behaviour process very much. These factors influence the consumer emotionally and mentally. Some of them are – 

Perception – Through this consumer understands your product and interprets it. Basically, it relies upon several factors like how you looked at it, heard it, and understood the brand. In what way does a consumer think of the product and how it can change making in a similar way? As you know, the first impression is always the last. Therefore a brand has campaigned its product effortlessly then only it can stay longer in the mind of its consumer. No matter how much you work on your brand and its campaign, ultimately it relies upon the consumer’s perception of how they will take it.

Factors that impact our decisions – 

Buying power

The power of buying itself plays a vital role in influencing the behaviour of consumers. Normally, what happens is the consumer evaluates their ability to buy and also thinks about their budget prior to making any decision of purchasing any product/service. It won’t matter whether your product or service is best at it if it does not stand to your consumer expectations. It will affect your sales. Here, the Consumer behaviour process and their capacity for purchasing would aid to find out the eligible consumers to achieve the best outcome. 

Economic Situation 

The economic condition plays a vital role in influencing consumer behaviour. The decision of the consumer highly impacts the recent financial scenario of the market. As the economy grows simultaneously the purchasing of buyers also emerges. At the same, when the economy lowers down then it impacts the buyers purchasing and thus how it influences the whole market. 

Marketing Advertisement 

Marketing campaigns/advertisements play a vital role in influencing the purchasing decision which is exercised by the consumer. They are known for bringing huge change across the market shares of competing industries by impacting the purchasing decisions of consumers. The constant marketing campaign can influence the decision of consumers to the extent that they can opt for one over another one.

Community Influence 

When we talk about community influence, it plays a crucial role in impacting consumer behaviour. The prominent impactful group involves Family Members, close friends, Instant classmates, and relatives whereas the secondary impactful community of people involves co-workers, neighbours, clubs, and organisations along with acquaintances and can be seen with a huge influence on consumer purchasing decisions. 

Individual choice 

In the section on personal preferences, Consumer Behaviour Processes are impacted by several shades of morals, values, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and preferences. There are a few zestful industries like personal care, consumer personal outlook, food, fashion, personal views, and opinion related to style and fun that can be turned into massive impactful factors. However, campaigns can aid you to influence these sectors for some time span. And most importantly, certain consumers’ likes and dislikes have a major role in the end purchase which is done by a consumer. 


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