Custom Chatbot Development Platforms

10 Powerful Platforms to Build a Custom Chatbot

Whether it’s an automated chat application on a website or social apps like Facebook Messenger, the chances are you’ve had experience interacting with a chatbot.

Chatbots are widely used by companies around the globe for automating the customer support process.

A chatbot is a software product which is designed to interact with real people through a script of questions & answers.

Depending on the type of the bot, it will either follow a pre-written script or can learn to answer according to user questions.

Based on the development, chatbots can be broadly categorized into two types – 1) Scripted or rule-based chatbots 2) Dynamic or AI chatbots.

Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner looking to develop your first chatbot application, here you can read about the top 10 chatbot development platforms.

But, first thing first.

What is a chatbot development platform?

A chatbot development platform is an application which is used for developing a chatbot software.

It’s like a framework where you get readymade tools and technology to develop the most advanced chatbots.

A chatbot development platform is different from a chatbot publishing platform in that the latter is just a way to access an already developed chatbot.

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For example, Facebook Messenger is a publishing platform where a chatbot can be integrated to serve users.

Best Platforms for Developing a Chatbot

Here are the top 10 most used chatbot building tools and platforms.

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is one of the most popular platforms for building a Facebook Messenger bot. The platform is so intuitive and easy to use that anyone, even without any coding knowledge, can develop a feature-rich bot on it.

Chatfuel integrates many advanced tools and options to add features like content cards to be shared with your followers, built-in forms for gathering information from users and options for users to request info with the bot.

With Chatfuel, you can also develop AI-based bots with the ability to script interactive conversations and provide dynamic answers by understanding user queries.

  • Pricing – Free/Premium

2. Flow XO

Flow XO

Most of today’s chatbot builders are focused on making the development process easier for the developer/user.

Flow XO is another popular bot software that allows anyone to create chatbots without any coding skills.

With Flow XO, you can build modern, feature-rich chatbots for a wide range of websites, including your own site or app. So, how it works.

It’s simple actually. To create a chatbot with this tool, you need to sign up and choose the platform you want to create the bot for.

Using its easy drag-and-drop editor, build the workflows. Once the bot is ready, connect it with any app you want.

  • Pricing – Free/Paid

3. Botsify


It is primarily used for building bots for Facebook Messenger. It houses drag-and-drop templates which anyone can use to build interactive chatbots.

It also enables a number of features such as Smart AI, plugin integration, Machine Learning, Analytics, etc. to help build technically-advanced bots.

In addition, there is also the feature to dynamically transfer a chat from the bot to a human, as and how needed.

  • Pricing – Free/Paid

4. Bottr


Bottr is an AI-powered bot creation tool for Twitter. Whether you’re running a business on this social site or need a tool to interact with your followers, Bottr can help you build an interactive personal chatbot in as little as five minutes.

Some of the platform features include auto-reply suggestions, smart conversations, updates for the users and owners, announcements, welcome messages for the users, stats and insights, and more.

  • Pricing – Paid, pay only for the features you want in your bot

5. ChatterOn


ChatterOn became famous as a chatbot platform that lets you build AI bots in under five minutes.

The trick is that the platform allows you to choose from 20+ pre-built chatbots, which you can customize according to your needs and to include features as you want.

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The best thing about this tool is that you can add rich content like buttons, carousels, and videos to your application.

  • Pricing – Free/Paid

6. was recently acquired by HubSpot and continues to remain a great chatbot builder tool.

Whether you need a bot for getting leads, providing support to your customers, booking meetings, accepting orders, or for any other reason, chat tool can work like a charm.

Moreover, you can also easily configure your bots to transfer the conversation to a real agent, accept details from the users, and create support tickets.

  • Price: Free

7. Sequel


Sequel is a bot creation platform that is primarily used for creating personal chatbots for messenger applications.

As a business or an individual, you can use this tool for building chatbots to engage your followers with personalized conversations and messages.

Some of the platforms for which you can create bots with Sequel include Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Kik.

You can start by choosing from the existing templates or building your own customized bot.

8. QnA Maker

QnA Maker

As the name suggests, it is a tool for creating Question-and-Answer bots. The platform was created by Microsoft for enabling businesses to build simple and customized bots by integrating FAQ pages, product manuals or other editorial content.

It features an easy-to-use interface where anyone can create and publish bots without having to write any code. You can further customize your chatbots using pre-built datasets.

9. Pandorabots


Pandorabots is a chatbot development platform for the ones with decent coding skills.

The platform lets you create the most advanced and intelligent chatbots for business, commerce, customer service, entertainment, B2B messaging, marketing and many other purposes.

It comes with a great set of tools and features for creating and launching sophisticated business bots.

With this platform, you can create bots for a wide range of social apps, including Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Line, among others.

10. Botkit


This is an open-source tool for developers to easily and quickly build advanced bots.

The platform contains the building blocks/code for helping developers build chatbots and custom integrations to be used across multiple messaging apps.

Besides a visual conversation builder, it comes with multiple plugins and open-source libraries.

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