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ETO Development Services

Equity Tokens are the latest trend in the blockchain investment industry. They combine the benefit of traditional investments with the security and flexibility of cryptocurrencies by enabling fundraising through tokenized equity. Unlike traditional stocks and shares, these equity-based tokens operate online on a blockchain network and are already revolutionizing the investment landscape.

If you’re searching for the latest financial innovation in the blockchain space, you might be interested in learning about equity tokens and ETO development.

Our blog delves deep into Equity Tokens and teaches you how to launch a successful equity token offering (ETO) for your blockchain project. Explore the various types of tokens, their unique features, and the benefits of ETO and learn how to find the best ETO development company.

ETO involves transforming equity/company shares into crypto tokens that are securely stored in an online wallet and can be transacted on the blockchain. The future of investment is here!

ETO Development Services refers to creating and selling your equity token to raise funds for your blockchain project. Similar to an initial token offering (ICO), an ETO involves offering crypto tokens to investors in exchange for their funds. However, unlike utility tokens which do not provide ownership in a project or asset, equity tokens represent real ownership interest in underlying equity.

SAG IPL can help you create and launch a successful Equity Token Offering and raise capital for your project. Contact us now for token development services.

    What are Equity Tokens?

    An equity token is a type of security token or a crypto token that represents ownership of a security. Equity tokens are cryptocurrencies that represent equity or an ownership interest in a property, which can be a stock, a dividend or any other type of equity.

    Equity Tokens

    Equity tokens are created by tokenizing equity, which involves creating crypto tokens for physical security like a company’s shares which are then stored and transacted online in the blockchain network.

    What is an Equity Token Offering (ETO)?

    An Equity Token Offer or ETO, often dubbed as STO 2.0, is a special token sale or a type of security token offering that involves selling security tokens that represent a company’s shares and ownership rights within the company.

    Unlike ICOs and other types of token sales, Equity Token Offerings (ETOs) work under the regulatory framework of security tokens, which is why they are often recognized as a type of Security Token Offering (STO). They represent an extraordinary mix of venture funding, token offerings, and intellectual property rights, allowing global access to a unique and powerful investment avenue.

    The types of Equity Tokens may range from Tokenized Stocks to Futures, Options Contracts, Dividends, and tokenized property, giving investors multiple options to choose from.

    The ETO model involves investors purchasing equity tokens from organizations looking to raise funds by providing capital investments for their new projects or existing business expansion. This investment avenue is both highly secure (regulated) and very flexible and convenient.

    Ready to explore the future of secure crypto investments? Here’s all you need to know about ETO development, its benefits, process, and how it works.

    Benefits of ETO

    Compliance: Equity tokens are similar to traditional stocks and shares and have a strong foundation backed by regulatory compliance.

    Security: Equity Tokens prioritize investors’ safety and security, which makes them superior to ICOs and other crypto fundraising methods which can be prone to fraud.

    Voting rights: ETO participants or investors get Voting rights in the company along with its shares. These rights are similar to voting rights offered to investors in traditional stock markets.

    Automated dividends: Same as stocks, equity tokens fetch regular dividends as and when announced by the company. These direct dividends are credited to investors’ wallets.

    Buyback rights: Companies using equity tokens for fundraising can also buy back tokens from interested investors to control its shares and liquidity.

    Profit share rights: Investors of equity tokens may also have the right to share the profits of the company. These can be offered to investors in the form of dividends and token value appreciation over time.

    Cash flow: Smart contracts are used to manage the company’s cash flow against equity tokens, which is public information with complete transparency and immutability.

    Other than the above benefits, our ETO development services enable you to issue non-voting shares, which means you only have to allow shares without giving voting rights, which allows you to retain control of your business while inviting investment.

    SAG IPL’s ETO Development Process

    The success of your equity token offering will very much depend on the process and how well it is executed.

    Blockchain Development

    Having many years of experience in the crypto industry, we can help create the most efficient ETO process and campaign for your business with guaranteed success. Here’s a brief preview of our ETO development strategy.

    The following ETO process only involves the steps to create an ETO website. If you need other services like equity token/ smart contract development or ETO marketing, the process will be tailored accordingly.


    Our blockchain developers will analyze your project and requirements and accordingly create a customized strategy for developing your ETO website.

    Scope Defining

    Based on our extensive market and competitor research, we’ll define the scope of your ETO project, including the website, documents like whitepaper, landing pages, wireframe, etc.

    ETO Website Design

    In this step, our skilled designers will create a custom and stunning design for your ETO website. Our website designs are optimized for mobile and search engines to offer a seamless experience to your users.

    ETO Website Development

    At this stage, our professional web developers will build highly secure code for your website as well as develop its database and CSS to enable functionalities like user registration, wallet creation, etc.


    Your ETO website goes through multiple testing phases to identify and remove bugs and is launched or deployed only after we receive your final approval. It’s already optimized for SEO and has the highest quality content, so you can start ETO marketing right away.

    Cutting-Edge ETO Development Services by SAG IPL

    Equity Token Offering Development is not a one-step process. It has many parts which should be executed in stages to increase the chances of success.

    From researching the market to developing your ETO website, creating a stunning whitepaper and launching a powerful smart contract, we’re here to help you every step of the way. You can hire SAG IPL developers for the following Equity Token Offering Services.

    ETO White Paper Development

    Whitepaper is one of the most crucial elements in your ETO project. It contains the details of your project, including your roadmap, technology description, goals, team, and token details.

    An ETO project whitepaper should be simple, detailed and factually correct. Get your whitepaper prepared only by an expert writer with good experience in the blockchain industry and knowledge of your own industry. Hire one today from SAG IPL.

    ETO Website Designing

    Your ETO website is equally important, if not more, than your whitepaper. This is where potential investors would come to find information about your project, connect with the team and find answers to their questions.

    Make sure that your ETO website looks stunning but has a clear layout with easy navigation. Add high-quality content, including brief information about your project and why people should invest in it. Include the project roadmap. Add a blog section to share valuable content to help your visitors, answer their questions and communicate with them.

    Make sure that your ETO website is optimized and mobile-responsive. Hire SAG IPL for ETO website development today!

    Creative Logo Design for Equity Token

    When launching an ETO, you also need a unique logo for your token. It should be attractive and relevant and must reflect your brand values. At the same time, it should be easy to remember. Hire a logo designer with SAG IPL to get one today.

    Introduction/Explainer Video

    Video is almost always a better way to communicate than text. An explainer video about your ETO project can make a lot of difference in converting more visitors into investors.

    Hire SAG IPL for ETO video production services to create a video that remarkably explains your project to boost conversion. Place your ETO video on your site and all across your online profiles, and share wherever you can.

    Landing Page Designing

    A landing page is a web page with a specific purpose. For instance, if you’re looking to get more sign-ups for your upcoming ETO sale, you can create an attractive landing page for the same.

    Contact SAG IPL to hire an experienced landing page designer for your ETO.

    Equity Token Development

    To launch an equity token offering, you need an equity token. This is a virtual token that you will give to people who invest in your project. Unlike utility tokens, an equity token represents real assets and has real value.

    To develop your equity token, SAG IPL is the best choice because we have skilled and trained blockchain developers who can create your token on your preferred blockchain. The options include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Polygon, etc. Just call us to tell us about your equity token development requirements and the features you want.

    Smart Contract Development

    A smart contract is a blockchain-based program that contains the code for the execution of transactions on a blockchain. When launching an ETO, you’d need to also build a smart contract to automate the management, release and security of equity tokens.

    Smart Contracts

    When you hire SAG IPL for ETO smart contract development, you get a powerful smart contract with advanced features like superfast processing, high security, low fees, and support for multiple wallets and blockchains. Hire a developer now!

    ETO Marketing

    We also provide marketing services for Equity Token Offering, which involves creating and launching a powerful ETO marketing strategy to drive more traffic and leads to your ETO website.

    Our SEO process for equity token offering involves several techniques, including website optimization, link building, content marketing, social media promotion, community marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and influencer marketing.

    SAG IPL’s huge experience and skilled team make us the best SEO company for ETO marketing services.

    Crypto Wallet Development

    You may choose between creating your wallet or using third-party crypto wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Having your own digital wallet will allow you to have more control over the wallet’s features and security.

    Our blockchain developers are just one call away to help you build a highly secure and feature-rich crypto wallet with support for multiple currencies and blockchains.

    KYC/AML Integration

    As a full-service blockchain development company, we’ll also handle the KYC/AML Integration and compliance process to ensure your equity token offering is 100% legal and compliant with regulations and guarantee the safety of your investors from fraud.

    Security Audits

    Routine security audits of your ETO will ensure that your token offering is free from security risks and has zero chances of hacking. This also helps boost investors’ confidence and get you more potential leads.

    Connect with SAG IPL to start a security audit of your ETO website/project.

    Legal, Risk, Compliance & Advisory Services

    Lastly, we can also handle all other legal and compliance requirements of your project. Since an equity token is a type of security token, it must comply with the local regulatory framework for securities or security tokens in your region. Hire our experts today!

    Top Features of ETO Development

    When hiring an ETO development company or team for your project, you must make sure that the developers are familiar with advanced ETO development features and can integrate customized attributes and functionalities per your requirements.

    If you hire ETO developers from SAG IPL, you get unrestricted access to our best team and resources. Here are some of the top features of Equity Token Offering:

    Programmable Equity

    Equity tokens are created by tokenizing physical assets through a software code, which is fully customizable and re-programmable.

    Access to Global Investors

    As a project owner, you can invite investors from all around the world to invest in your equity tokens. They can attend the online process from anywhere on the planet.

    No middlemen

    One of the top features of equity token offering is that it’s a completely middleman-free process and all transactions are between the owner company and the investors.

    Dashboard for the backend

    When developing your ETO with SAG IPL, you get a dedicated Backend Dashboard to efficiently manage your investors and investment activity such as dividends, buybacks, and announcements.

    SEC Complaint

    Our equity tokens are not just SEC compliant but are made to strictly follow the security token regulations of your region.

    High Liquidity

    While our equity tokens are designed to offer ample liquidity for investors, you, as the owner, can set a lock-in period for the release of tokens after a successful Equity Token Offering.

    Highly Secure

    The equity token wallet is protected with multiple high-security mechanisms such as multi-step verification and password recovery to ensure the user funds are secure.


    As a regulatory-compliant token, ETO is highly secure and trustworthy and can be considered one of the safest ways to invest in crypto.

    Unique Blockchain

    The equity tokens for your ETO are developed on your customized blockchain, allowing you to have full control over things like gas prices and regulations.

    Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development Provider in India?

    SAG IPL is a seasoned Equity Token Offering (ETO) development company with experience tokenizing a variety of company assets, from company shares to startup assets and organizational resources. For investors seeking a secure and trustworthy partner to build their ETO website, token and smart contract, SAG IPL is one of the best options.

    We at SAG IPL offer a comprehensive suite of blockchain services, ranging from consultation services to bespoke ETO website development, Equity Token development, and smart contract development. Our goal is to help you attract high-quality investors globally by offering them advanced equity token features & benefits like voting rights, profit sharing, and dividends.

    Our professional ETO development services are backed by an equally incredible support service to handle all your questions and complaints and provide swift resolutions.

    Why choose SAG IPL for ETO Development?

    We are committed to turning your business idea into an incredible ETO platform with exceptional features, leveraging SAG IPL’s security-driven development processes. Having extensive experience in the crypto industry, you can expect top-notch ETO development services with fast response, frequent updates, and a transparent process from our brilliant team.

    • Sound technical skills
    • Secure smart contracts
    • Seasoned developers
    • Simple & effective process
    • Technology-driven
    • Outstanding support

    FAQ about ETO Development Company


    What is ETO development?

    ETO refers to equity token offering, which involves creating a strategy for the launch of an equity token sale to raise capital for a blockchain project. An existing company can tokenize its shares or other company assets to create equity tokens and then sell them to interested investors to raise funds. Equity tokens represent ownership and voting rights in the company’s shares.

    How is ETO different from ICO or STO?

    While ETO involves selling equity tokens to raise funds, utility tokens are generally offered in an ICO and security tokens are offered in an STO. What’s interesting is that equity tokens are also a type of security token and can be sold either through an STO or an ETO.

    Which is the best ETO development company?

    There are only a limited number of companies with specialization in equity token offerings. SAG IPL is one of them. With more than a decade of experience in the blockchain industry, we are your perfect choice for ETO development, marketing and SEO services. Our talented blockchain team can help boost the value and reach of your ETO to attract high-quality investors.

    What are the benefits of equity token offering development?

    ETO is more secure and reliable than ICO, IEO and other crypto fundraising mechanisms. Equity tokens are backed by real equity or shares in a company, which assures investors that their money is safe and offers a high potential of returns. If you’re looking for an ETO development company or want to know more about the benefits of ETO, contact SAG IPL.

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