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How to Develop an Application for iPhone: 10 Basic Tips To Become an APP Developer

It has never been an easy task to get started as an iOS game or app developer, still, Apple is continuously working to make iOS developing easier to develop apps and games for iPhone, iPads, and Apple Watch.

Company’s Swift programming language, Xcode 7 development environment, and tools like Metal help you in a very efficient way to develop a game or an application on iOS platform.

It may seem like a bit challenging task to code your own game or application, but thanks to Apple, it’s not as tough as you think. Currently, there are many resources available, which will help you out to become an indie game developer or an application developer.

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Let us see some basic points, which will help you in getting started as an iOS developer.

Sign up with Apple developer connection

To get started, you need to head over to the Apple Developer Connection, and click on Member Center and Register. By Registering as an Apple Developer, you will get access to support materials, and you will also be allowed to register iOS devices to Apple for testing applications.

If you are a single developer, you can sign in with your own Apple ID, but if you are developing for a company then it is recommended to create an Apple ID just for the developer account.

Sign up with Apple developer connection
The user does not have to pay for signing up and register as a developer, so, you can simply just sign up and get access to all the developer tools for the current retail version of iOS.

The basic registration will only allow you to develop and test an application, but to sell an application, you will need to sign up with Apple for membership, which comes at GBP 69 per year.

Apple Developer Membership will also provide you access to beta versions of the software.

Have a plan before you create your app or game

After getting prepared for the development process, you must plan out the application before getting its started.

There is not a predefined proforma, which you should follow to make a plan, still, you can consider these points before starting the procedure.

The Goal

The goal is defined as the motive of developing the application. The designing should be simple and responsive, The Camera app takes photos, enables simple edits, and shares them.

The Music application plays music from iTunes. The working of the application should be described in a single line.


The Scope

You must decide what feature are going to be included and what features are going to be out of the application before you start.

You must agree on all the features, which are going to be included in the application.

Theme and Strategy

The Theme and Strategy represent the overall presence of the application. It decides whether it will be a friendly and entertaining app or an efficient business tool.

Then decide your marketing strategy and make sure that your app style matches your strategy.

Sketch out the Interface

You will also have to sketch out each and every display of the application and map out the interaction of them with each button.

Gather Assets

Apple will only provide stock buttons and icons, apart from that, every other asset like logos, graphics, and maybe audio assets should be assembled before going further.

You will also need to think about the technologies you need. Will you only need Xcode and the App Store? Or you will have to use additional technologies and server too. You will have to think about it too, before starting the process.

Coding your own app

If you want to start app development, then you may also like to code on your own. The complexity of this will depend upon your coding experience, still, the company has lowered the complexity barriers along with iOS 8 and the Swift programming language back in 2014.

The iOS applications will be developed using Apple’s own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Xcode

Hiring an app developer

If you find it a bit difficult to code for the application, you can also hire or team up with a developer.

If you are looking forward to hiring a developer, you must keep it in mind that hiring a professional developer is not expensive.

If you have an interesting idea of your project, then it will be a wise move to team up with a developer who wants to implement their skills.

SAG IPL also provides you with the opportunity to get connected with coders in your area, heading over to say hello.

Other social networking platforms like Linkedin can also be proved very useful if you have financial backing for your project.

Submitting your app to the App store with iTunes Connect

After getting your application ready, you can easily submit it to Apple with the help of iTunes Connect. One thing you should keep in mind while submitting your application is that Apple has a comprehensive guide for submitting apps.

The company used to take almost a week to get an application approved, but now Apple claims that its process gets completed within 24 hours of a time period.

Moreover, you should also remember that the silicon valley based organization often rejects an application for any small or big reason. The reason could be anything either because of the use of undocumented SDK features or because of worries about nudity and pornography.

So, you must read out the iMore blog, which has a list of rejected apps and reason behind their rejection.

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