101 Brainstorming Mobile Game App Ideas That Need To Exist Right Now

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101 Brainstorming Mobile Game App Ideas That Need To Exist Right Now

Gaming Development, “Brainstorm game ideas and come up with the heart and soul of new games. and I get to dream for a living.”

Cupertino, a city in California’s Silicon Valley, has rightly become the Holy Land for computer geeks and entrepreneurs alike. From Apple to Airbnb, over the last few decades, Silicon Valley has been the go-to place for start-ups as well as individual entrepreneurs. But in this internet age, the landscape changes in the blink of an eye.

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New Startup hubs as demographically diverse as India’s Bengaluru to Spain’s Barcelona are today staring eye to eye with the Goliaths of Silicon Valley.


There was no better time in the history of human civilization than this. From mobile phones to wearable tech, the opportunities are for you to grab. This guide doesn’t tell you how to create an app or anything like that.

Before getting into ideas, take a look at the most recommended game development tools and engine of 2019 for game dev

What you will find here is – the perfect idea for your app.

Table of Contents

101 New Mobile Game App Ideas  That Don’t Exist 

We will consider them by categories. great app ideas

Sports Mobile Game

1. Cricket

Cricket is a game of chance. Apart from the teams playing, many independent factors like the toss, pitch/weather conditions, and many others determine the outcome of a game.

Make an app that is a great platform/service/guide for bookmakers and bettors alike. Dream11 is one such app and there is definitely room for more.

2. Soccer/Football

Soccer is the most followed and watched game on the planet. You can work on an app idea which explains real-time odds offered on different games and connects tipsters with bettors.

Soccer football game app

3. Basketball

Basketball is synonymous with the USA. From possibly playing eleven to score lines, the potential is huge and up for grabs.

4. Golf

Golf also brings with it holes of opportunities. You can make an app that analyses the winds, player forms leading up to the Tours and many other things. Based on the data, you can create odds and invite friends to download and share your app.

5. Horse Racing

Betting and horse racing go hand in hand. Make an app that lists the various Bookmakers and also provides important information like winning odds, favourite horses, etc.

6. Snooker

Snooker is also largely unexplored when it comes to betting apps.

Snooker Game App

 The game can throw surprising odds. Sometimes one can lose games in a set without even playing a single shot. The unpredictability makes it an ideal choice for bettors.

7. Boxing/UFC

Boxing/UFC has that X-factor to it. The game parameters are minimum but very fluctuating. A wrong move can spell doom. Make an app that gives online updates and odds for each of the twelve rounds in real-time.

8. American football

A very physical game though, the fan base is enormous. The touchdowns coupled with individual plays of small duration are ideal settings for bookkeepers and bettors. Make an app that not only captures the game’s essence to its core but is an ideal virtual gateway for the players

9. Baseball

The American version of Cricket without a pitch but a pitcher. The game has a hysteria equivalent following. You can make an app that is both informative and analytical.

10. Kabaddi

Our very own desi-game has had a makeover with corporate investment and a premier league-like structure is a huge hit with children. Make an app that allows a user to select winning team combinations, select possible score lines as well as predict and bet on outcomes.

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Card Games

Card Gaming

11. Poker

Online Poker games are played around the world. Make an app that has great poker clubs, deals and joining bonuses, and friend suggestions. Monetize it with ads and virtual coin offers.

12. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. A great coupled with exciting deals and offers can mint great money for you.

13. Patience

Patience or Solitaire is a one-person game. The functionality is simple and the development cost will be minimum. A great user interface will accelerate app downloads.

14. Rummy

Rummy game apps have gained significant momentum recently. The game has mass appeal and there is room for new and better Rummy game apps in the app stores(Android and iOS).

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15. War

This one-on-one game has great potential. Make an app that allows social media friends to connect, challenge and play. Top it up with great deals and offers.

16. Canasta

A variation of the Rummy family. The game can be played by a minimum of four players in teams of two. Over the years the game has achieved classic status on its own driving card sales, books on the subject etc. Tap on these and develop a great app.

17. Cribbage

Cribbage is unique and can be played by four and more people. The unique features like separate hand counting for the dealer, a unique scoring system, the cribbage board for score-keeping and many others provide ample opportunity and challenges for an app developer.

18. Teen Patti

The game is both easy and compelling. The App store has a few established players already there. However, the need for a more interactive and user-engaging alternative cannot be undermined.

19. Crazy Eights

Like the name is the game. Played among 2-7 players, the game has interesting lucky card options and also enjoys wide popularity.

20. Texas hold ’em

A variation of poker, this card game’s online popularity surpasses that of a Bollywood star. You can also take a small bite of cake with a great app that is at par with the ones already dominating different app stores.

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Board Game List

App stores are Pandora’s boxes for children. Board games of yesterday years are now getting their updated digitized versions. Moreover, OS support like 3d-touch and the holographic screen can completely revolutionize the online board game app market.

21. Ludo

Invented by Indians, the game has gained cult status in families around the world. A great UI with great deals and offers for players can surely penetrate the huge mobile-savvy Indian diaspora.

22. Carrom

Back in the days, when mobile phones were not smart but simple, carrom was one of the inbuilt standard games in mobile devices. Now with 3-d holographic touch functionality available for android and ios updates, carrom can get a great makeover. Be the first to do this.


Last but not the least, the favourite board game of the millennials is the “Business Game”. The game remains a crowd-puller even today. Besides an adorable UI, you can also add features and functionality based on today’s corporate world.

Remember playing monopoly why don’t turn it into a gaming app 

Shut Up and Take My Money

24. Snakes and Ladders

This is another of those extremely popular yesterday year’s mass favourite family board games with huge potential for creating a substantial presence in app stores. A unique UI design in itself can be a mass attraction.

25. Sudoku

Sudoku is a traditional Japanese game gaining huge worldwide popularity over time. Newspapers all around the world carry a special section based on Sudoku puzzles. A great app is bound to attract puzzle lovers of all ages.


Chess although popular but is not the mass favourite. An app for amateur players with expert mentors, professional blogs, tips as well as regular competitions with great prizes has the potential for carving out a great market for itself.

Mindgame. HUH.

Chess Game App

27. Pool Snooker

Widely popular online games. The market is competitive but still has space for more.

28. Cross Match

A very popular pass-time game. Played widely among all age groups.

Mobile Casino Games

Authorities in different countries have imposed varied regulations on casino games to curb any possible unrestrained online gambling addiction. Still, their popularity cannot be overlooked.

29. Roulette

For ages, Roulette or the Spinning Wheel has been a crowd popular with traditional casinos all over the world. The same is true for its online versions. The UI design can be quite complex and demand an in-depth design concept.

30. Baccarat

A card game played at casinos around the world. With three variants and an in-house edge of more than 1%, there is no reason why you should not have your app version of the game in-app store markets.

31. Craps

Craps games became popular during world war 2. The soldiers included an Army blanket as a shooting surface.

32. Pai Gow

A Chinese card game is also known as Pai Gow poker. The game is widely popular in China and a good app will have a huge pre-customer base at its disposal.

33. Sic Bo

A unique unequal game of chance played with three dice. The game has Chinese origins. The game enjoys great popularity in Asia and particularly in Macau casinos.

34. Wheel of Fortune (The Big Six)

A game of unequal chances played with a vertical spinning wheel. It enjoys legal approval in Uk and other nations. The game has many variants, apt for a mobile app project.

35. Bingo

Revived by its electronic form, the game is mostly played in the UK. A mobile app for the same as a huge untapped market.

36. Keno

Most modern casinos provide different keno tables. The house edge is also large going up to 35%.

37. Slots

Slot machine finds space in 70% of casinos. The game’s ability to leave players improvised or in debt is a good enough reason for an app idea.

38. Casino Hold ’em

A winning strategy on the lines of Blackjack would mean the player has a computer brain. There is no particular strategy for winning. It is this mystic nature that makes the game a crowd-puller. There is no reason why a mobile app cannot merge all these features.

Games are getting more popular these days!! don’t forget to take a look at top Casino Game Development.

Mobile Action Game

Mobile Action games are widely popular among teens and youngsters. Especially story-centred and strategy-based action games with real-time team collaborative functionality are received with viral downloads. Most of them turn out to be good money minters for the makers.

39. AdventureQuest

A popular flash-based game. The game, with its story-oriented theme and technical functionalities introduced for solving core customer service issues, is an ideal case study for app developers.


40. Gameloft’s Asphalt

Based on the racing theme, the game has technical features enabling high speed and dynamic stunts during the game mode. Excitement and thrill are the two great uses of the extremely popular game.

41. Critical Ops

Games like these simulate a terrorist strike scenario. You can either be part of the good team or be the bad guy whom everyone hates and wants to kill. Such games test skills and tactical ability.

42. Crossy Road

Inspired by the 1981 arcade game Frogger, the game with its punchline “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, has gained widespread popularity. The huge number of characters and features in the game are the main audience enchanters.

Crossy Road

43. The Elder Scrolls

Action role-playing open-world fantasy games like the elder scrolls where players move to the next level by killing monsters. Such mobile games are popular among youths.

44. Hearthstone

Using cross-platform play feature games like Hearthstone propelled by gaming elements new characters and relics have gained mass appeal in app stores.

45. Sandbox-based games

No Rules Games like Minecraft provide their players with freedom of content. It deviates from traditional game structure and design. Players decide how and when they want to play the content.

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46. Combat

Mobile combat games which include features like the player reloading their weapons, throwing grenades sprinting, crouching, shooting, etc, as well as a nonrepetitive plot, are a straightaway hit.

47. Sports League based

A glitch-free fantasy game with plots similar to sports leagues and their teams like IPL T20-based online games with features like characters similar to players and different playing modes earn downloads and reviews with ease.

48. NOVA

Mobile game developers can also get inspiration from games like Nova which are placed around star systems in the Milky Way. The wide pool of ideas for different missions, plots, and storylines makes it an ideal starting point.

49. Detective games

Games like Ghost Trick offer great scope for plot and addictive storylines.

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Puzzle Games

50. Tile-Matching

The identification of patterns on a topsy-turvy board can be an addictive habit. Popular games include Candy Crush.

51. Platform-Games

Indie Games like Fez where a character jumps between suspended platforms are very popular these days.

52. 3D Combination Puzzles

Games like Rubik’s Cube challenge skill as well as minds’ mathematical prowess. Mobile apps like this are popular among students and teachers alike.

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53. Word Search Games

6 official UN languages plus the 18 Indian languages are a reason strong enough to make a challenging word search game for local and other app markets.

word search games

54. Wood Block Puzzle

The earliest version of tile-matching. It is still a favourite of children.

55. Transport Games

A marble rolls around a playfield called a landscape. The landscape contains various touch-sensitive obstacles. Marble activates obstacles and things by hitting them.

Not Bad Right…


56. Sudoku Master

New generation touch feature puzzle games like Sudoku Master with their own tutorials and puzzle stores are popular among those who prefer some regular brain exercise

57. Match puzzles

Players solve puzzles by removing, adding, and moving matches. Features like Google Play Games Services are add-ons.

58. Criminal Case

The player navigates through a crime scene locating relevant clues and in the process solves murders. A proper plot can suck in the player.

59. River Crossing

A puzzle where the winner transfers objects from one river bank to another in the least possible time.

Educational Game Ideas

Mobile games have become part and parcel of every child’s routine. E-learning is still in its infancy. A few educational game ideas for mobile are…

60. Maths Game

You can make an app helping users understand standard maths concepts and theorems in a fun way.

61. Physics Game

Combining physics concepts with real-world entities in an entertaining and engaging way has huge app potential.

62. General Knowledge Game

General knowledge is paramount for all competitive exams. Making an app covering topics ranging from all spheres of life is a good idea.

General Knowledge

63. Chemistry Game

From minute particles to organic reactions, Chemistry has answers to many mysterious questions.

64. Shape Game

Shape games are based on identifying geometric shapes and figures.

65. Fruits Game

Identifying different fruits and matching them to their parent trees. Highlighting their benefits. Their lifecycle. The potential is huge.

66. Animal Identity

Children love and adore animals. Spotting different animals in digitally created outdoor scenes is all worth pondering.

67. Map

Educational games like matching country capitals, identifying country flags, important places, etc. are good ideas.

68. Traffic Games

Rash and fast driving are common day occurrences. This can even lead to irreversible consequences. Come up with different possible app solutions for this.

69. Technology Game

Programming basics, and tech activities for kindergarten and school kids to make them aware and updated with the changing technology landscape.

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Racing Games

70. Car Racing

Car racing with its various variations like street races, circuit races, etc provides ample opportunities for developers.

71. Motorcycle Racing

From hill climbing to dirt bike racing, work on implementing any real-world scenario in your app environment.

Motorcycle Racing

72. Horse Racing

Horse races have different elements like beautiful racecourses, injuries, hurdles, jockeys, etc associated with them. Work on developing a niche app that encapsulates all these.

73. Dog Racing

Dog racing can be a very interesting and funny app idea for children and adults.

74. Man/Woman Racing

Racing apps on man/woman characters are rare. You can work on your own character and come up with engaging ideas.

75. Swimming

With virtual reality support in mobiles now, a swimming race app taping this potential will attract users and downloads.

76. Boat Racing

You can make an app based on boat races across exotic locations and implement real-world game features backed by deals and offers.

77. Speed Skating

Skating mobile app games usually draw good attention because of the thrill and challenges offered by them.

78. Animal Racing

The fun element associated with Animal racing mobile apps makes them children’s favourite.

79. Role Playing

From temple run to subway surfer, RPGs are crowd favourites when it comes to racing games.

More IDEA???????

More Ideas

Strategy Games

80. Eurogames

A cross between abstract and simulation games. The games are based on economic themes and players remain in the game till the end.

81. MindSport

The intellectual ability of the participating player is put to test. Competitions like the Spelling bee as well as olympiads have gained widespread recognition.

Driving Game Ideas

82. Car Driving

Such apps may include different road conditions, new tasks, car upgrades, terrain levels, etc.

Car Driving Game

83. Bus Driving

Remember the famous BEST buses, you can make an app that encompasses famous transit buses and their respective locations.

84. Train Driving

From subway trains to metro trains, the canvass is large and for you to explore.

85. Aeroplane Driving

Being a pilot remains a childhood dream for many. Why not make a gaming app that virtually fulfils that in a fun and exciting way.

86. Sailing

Sailing app games can have a lot of variants from cargo carriers to boats. The game plot has to be engaging though.

87. Speed skating

A form of ice skating. Add great themes, and characters for luring children and adults.

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Kids Game List

88. Talking Game

The popularity of games like Talking tom depends on the character and player communication. Build fun and interesting character easy for kids to associate themselves with.

89. Alphabets Game

Alphabets, letters, and rhymes are the first few things kids learn at school. Funny and engaging Alphabets/letter games will attract parents and kids alike.

90. Colors Game

Kids love colours. An app helping kids colour digital drawings or identify different colours in a scene are some of the options you can try.

91. Character Game

Kids love comic characters like Superman, Spiderman, etc. You can make a simple yet polished app with normal functionality.

92. Dress-up

Games like dress-up help children learn the ins and outs of basic daily activities like brushing their teeth, keeping clothes clean, etc.

93. Cooking Games

Kids love to do what their parents do. Kid’s Cooking games also generate a great number of downloads.

94. Cartoon Characters

Games based on popular kids’ cartoon characters like Chota Bheem are extremely popular.

95. Counting games

Apps helping children to learn to count in a simple and interactive way are always popular.

Augmented Reality

96. Location Based

Games like Geocaching, a treasure hunt game, integrate the player’s location with the hardware and provide a pervasive gaming experience.

97. Pokemon go

Games like Pokemon Go use Augmented Reality. Players, on reaching the destination marked on their GPS, search for new creatures. The game generated a viral following on release.

App like Pokemon Go

98. Uncle Roy All Around You (URAY)

The game couples game content with a live performance on the city streets. Players online try to stop players on the streets from finding the fictional character called Uncle Roy.

99. Ingress.

Ingress takes augmented reality to a whole new level with its futuristic sci-fi plot. An impressive case study.

100. Multipurpose Games

Mobile games can drive social change and awareness like.. memorizing things and learning a new language (Memrise), new habit development (Habitica app), etc.

101. Zombies, Run!

Last but not the least, the app became the highest-grossing mobile and fitness app on Apple’s app store. The app has garnered praise from all corners.

The engaging plot coupled with augmented reality has made rapid inroads in the popularity index. This is also in a way …

“A window to how the mobile game landscape is changing for the better of all.”

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