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Amazon SEO: The Ultimate Guide 2021 (A9 Algorithm + Strategies Revealed)

Last year Amazon was on the third position on the list of “The Top 100 Best-Performing Companies In The World”. So you can imagine how hard it is for them to maintain their business.

As similar to other e-commerce websites Amazon do have its personal algorithm which decides the rank of the products along with the algorithm which is not known for a reason being as a brand like Amazon will never disclose the functionality of its algorithm.

Just like any other eCommerce website Amazon also has its own algorithm to decide the rank of products and the algorithm is still a mystery because a brand like Amazon will never reveal how its algorithm operates.

And especially when people can misuse the information to lure customers, and that’s why they can’t take the risk to reveal their algorithm’s working and factors that impact the ranking.

We understand that not all people are going to misuse it. Some want to learn how it works so they can increase their sales ethically.

And if you want to learn how amazon SEO works and how you can improve your product’s ranking here we present the ultimate step-by-step guide to Amazon SEO and ranking optimization.

In fact, this is gonna be the most updated & Fresh Amazon SEO guide of 2021.

To understand the Amazon SEO we reached social media, and sellers blogs and also cracked down the suggestions of experts and that’s how we are able to provide you with this guide so let’s get started.

What is Amazon SEO?

What is Amazon SEO?

Similar to any other Search engine optimization process such as Google SEO Services and Walmart SEO, Amazon SEO is a process of optimizing your product listings to reach the top of the Amazon search results (for all relevant keywords).

Just like on Google, buyers on Amazon enter a keyword (product name) to find the product and just like on Google, users mainly click on the first few results and very rarely reach the second, third or any further page.

Optimizing Product Listings means Better Rankings which provide More Visibility to your products and it also brings more Sales. Thus, the simple concept is that The better you optimize, the higher you rank, the more you sell!

Before Knowing the tips I would like you to introduce you to A9.

What is A9 and How does it work?

The Ranking of products on Amazon is determined by an algorithm called “A9”.  On Amazon, the algorithm “A9” basically decides the fate of your success, so it’s a good idea to understand it a little better. It works in this way:

With millions of searches, Amazon ranks all products by purchase likelihood. It actually scans products of a category and then it enlists products which have better details, sales, description, reviews, and rating.

It also sometimes tries to differentiate the price. And that’s how it decides the position of a product for a search query.

Thi all above happens within a few milliseconds in the same the A9 decides which one of the hundreds of millions of products it will show on ranking position number 1, number 2, etc.

Now here are some factors that Amazon takes into account to decide the ranking of a product along with tips to perform Amazon SEO for product listing.

How to perform Amazon SEO for products

Go through all the factors and also check the Content Optimization Tips we are providing so that you can conquer the top spot for each relevant query.

1. Optimize Product Title (Main Amazon SEO Factor)

Optimize Product Title

Product title is the first thing people notice in search results, it also Impacts your CTR and CR, that’s why it is the most important thing while listing your product. Here are some tips to optimize the product title.

  • As per Amazon Style Guides the mobile view is limited to about 70 visible characters, So make sure to keep important information and keywords in this range, if possible place it at the beginning.
  • For the Desktop view, follow the same as the mobile view or check the Amazon Style Guides for the length and structure of your title in the relevant product category.
  • The Title should contain important information, benefits, and USPs.

2. Bullet Points a.k.a. Highlights a.k.a. Attributes

2. Bullet Points Highlights Attributes

It is a very important step to check the Amazon Style Guides for the relevant product category it Impacts your CR. Here are some tips to seize opportunities.

  • Make sure to outline the key features and benefits of the product in bullets.
  • Only put a maximum of 200 bytes which is equivalent to approximately 200 characters per bullet point.
  • Avoid repetition, copy-paste content, and unnecessary data.
  • In bullets points, always connect the features with the benefits for the customer.
  • Stick to one benefit per bullet point for outstanding readability and information flow.
  • For a better Mobile view, Keep in mind that only the first three bullet points are directly visible to mobile users so place your USPs at the beginning of the list.

3. Product Description

Product Description

The product description is an important part, it doesn’t appear at the top like title, description, and bullets but people prefer to go through it to get more details about the product.

More details about it can be found in Amazon Style Guides and it also Impacts your CR thus here are some important tips to optimize your product description.

  • Avoid duplicating the bullet points in the description. Provide additional information as much as possible about the product.
  • Always make it easy to read. Keep maximum three lines per paragraph, you can use simple html code such as:
    • Separate paragraphs with <p> text </p> or <br> (line break), Use <b> text </b> for bold text and headings.
    • For bullet points, you can use
    • <ul>
    • <li>bullet point 1</li>
    • <li>bullet point 2</li>
    • </ul>
    • For numbered lists, you can use
    • <ol>
    • <li>list item 1</li>
    • <li>list item 2</li>
    • </ol>
  • Also keep it well arranged and clear, don’t copy paste data from somewhere.

4. Product Image

Product Image

Product Image is Important after title it is the second thing that appears in the search result page. It increases trust and also reflects how the products will appear. So here are some important tips to make your listing pixel perfect.

  • Upload Good, high-quality pictures because it attracts more buyers.
  • Each Product image should be of high resolution, clear and captured in well-lit condition.
  • Avoid repetition, and wrong or copied images.
  • Avoid using boundaries as well.
  • Don’t edit images too much, also don’t put too much text on it.
  • Avoid using images that contain additional illustrations,  logos, watermarks, graphics, or overlays.
  • Don’t add fake details to lure people, just keep it ethical.

5. Product Price Should Be Competitive

Product Price

“Product price” is an important factor that appears just below the title on the result page. You can get the best result by following the following tips:

  1. Keep a price that is competitive but doesn’t bet with much higher or a lower price.
  2. Check prices of similar listings, also observe where you stand in the competition, and how well your product can perform if you had listed it with a better price.
  3. Keep the Price competitive.

6. Product Reviews and rating

Product Reviews and rating

Customer reviews and ratings play a vital role in ranking. A9 scans the sales and ratings before considering a product on the result page.

Reviews and ratings can influence your customer’s decisions! Positive feedback not only builds credibility for your product but also helps improve your rankings. So here are the tips to get better results.

  1. You can ask buyers to leave their reviews on your product page.
  2. Connect unsatisfied customers and try to resolve their problems.
  3. Make sure that you deliver the product on time or before time.

7. Additional Tips For Amazon SEO To Get Higher Ranking For Your Online Product

Here are some additional tips you can go through and get benefitted from it.

  • Make sure to choose the correct product category.
  • Check Filter elements (Product attributes) wisely.
  • Provide only true data and information.
  • Don’t use unethical methods to beat your customers.

It is important to understand that the higher your product ranks, the greater are the possibilities that a customer will see your item on top of results pages.

So make sure to follow all the guidelines as well as all the given tips. Always make sure to keep price, title, description, and images on priority while listening and you are ready to conquer the top spot.

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