Most-Effective Google Ads Campaign Strategy to Implement in 2024

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Google Ads Campaign Strategies

Implementing the best Google Ads campaign strategies can help you get your first sale faster than organic methods. Since the launching of Google Adwords in 2000, it has become one of the most valuable and irreplaceable platforms to advertise on. After rebranding, they changed the name to Google Ads.

Today, you can make use of Google Ads in so many ways, from targeting ads to managing costs, tracking your success, and managing campaigns. Just define your objectives, and Google Ads is all set to show your ads to the right audience at the right place and at the right time.

However, you will need a solid Google Ads campaign strategy to stand out because today the competition is denser than ever before. In this blog post, we will share with you the best Google PPC Ads techniques for making your online marketing campaign worthwhile. But before let’s see what potential benefits Google Ads can bring to your business.

Benefits of Leveraging Google Ads for Advertising Campaigns

Whether you are a digital marketing enthusiast who wants to apply best-in-class Google Ads campaign strategies for their clients or you own a business and want to reach a large audience, knowing the advantages of Google Ads discussed below will make you more adept at applying the techniques.

Target Large Audience

Your ad will appear at the top of Google search results from pages, and you will be amazed to know the latest statistics of queries that are put into search engines. According to the latest data and statistics, 91.9% of searches happen on Google. As of 2022 data, Google alone performed approximately 99000 searches per second. Being the most popular search engine, Google allows you to display your ads on the first page of search results which is a tough nut to crack through organic strategies.

Drive Immense Traffic to Your Website

With the massive potential and reach of Google, you can drive huge traffic to your website. The statistics discussed above are enormous, and being the solution for a particular query is a big thing. Google Ads puts you at the top, which also leads to increased brand awareness on a large scale.

Faster than SEO

When it comes to increasing your website traffic, along with paid ads, SEO is also a great method. SEO is known for organic search results and web traffic. SEO traffic is more loyal and stays for a longer time. However, implementing the strategies on your website is not that easy.

It demands the best SEO techniques to beat the competition, which keeps increasing day by day. Therefore, marketers and big brands do not wait for a long time and directly apply the best Google Ads campaign strategy to reach their audience. It gives them immediate results and leads. 

Targeted Ads

Allowing you to create targeting ads is the most powerful tool of Google Ads. It can include various audience demographics such as gender, age, location, interests, language, and many factors. 

You have options to choose what type of audience you want to attract to your business, where you want to do your business mainly, and the devices you want to appear on and you can even choose the time. 


Cost control is the top most reason why you should implement a Google Ads campaign strategy into your marketing plan. You won’t be billed unless someone clicks on your ad. You just need to put in the specific keyword that you want to target then place bids and set your daily spending limit.

Display Offers on Search Results Page

You can customize your Google Ads campaign by showing new product launch news, discounts, and offers. It helps boost your CTC (click-through rate). Google Ads has a separate extension to use this feature, which is Google Ads Extension.

Measure Ads Performance

In comparison to traditional advertising methods like newspapers, radio, TV, and billboards, Google Ads allows you to check how your advertisement is performing. You can further implement the strategies with the help of such insights. 

Top 11 Practical Google Ads Campaign Strategies that Work

Define Your Target Audience First

You know very well that, without assuming a target audience, who are you going to sell your products or services to? A buyer persona is another term that is similar to the target audience, but it is much more specific. Dig out their problems and pain points by putting yourself in their shoes. This tactic of the Google Ads strategy will lead you to attract only interested people. Down the line, you can create different segments of your target audience, such as people who have already been interacting with you quite a few times.

Choose Your Keywords

Whether it’s SEO or Google Ads, keywords are the thing where both strategies start to take action. In the Google Ads campaign strategy, you have majorly 4 options to choose from for targeting keywords that are called keyword match types. Let’s discuss each type in-depth.

Broad Match

The broad match type allows your particular keyword to display related terms and meanings of that keyword. There is no certainty that it will contain the exact terms of the keyword.

For example, if your keyword is “bike seat cover,” your ad may also appear for “motorcycle seat cover,” “best bike seat cover,” and “seat cover for sports bikes.”

With broad keyword matching, you can reach a wide audience, but not all visitors will find it helpful. However, Google helps in this by keeping the user’s search activities aside.

Phrase Match

The phrase match type will show the same meaning as your targeted keyword, or it can even add certain words before or after the keyword, keeping the main word between.

If your phrase match keyword is bike seat cover, this could appear in search queries for “buy bike seat cover,” “black bike seat cover,” or “bike seat cover sale.”

When using the phrase match keyword type, make sure there are no irrelevant terms in the middle of the keyword. If the phrase contains another word between the main keyword phrase, it will be considered broken and your ad will not be displayed.

Exact Match

If you want your keyword to show only the exact words or phrases, use the exact match. It will return results regardless of whether your keyword is singular, plural, misspelt or abbreviated. This type of ad keyword may help you get more refined visitors while keeping the reach limited.

If your keyword is “bike seat cover,” it will appear for “bike seat cover” and “seat cover bike” queries. You need to place your keyword in square brackets.

Negative Match

If you want to avoid wasting money on ads that are clicked but generate no business for you, you must use negative match keywords.

A negative keyword is a very smart strategy to let Google Ads know that you want to exclude your ad from queries in which each word, irrespective of its order in the phrase, appears in the search.

For example, if your negative keyword is “bike seat cover,” the ad will not show up for someone searching for “bike seat cover sales.” This can be according to each match type, such as a negative broad match, a negative phrase match, or a negative exact match.

Utilize Demographic Targeting

When using Google Ads campaign strategy, it is critical to target your audience based on their demographics. Sorting out your audience according to their interests, locations, age, gender, and other factors can help you reach a more refined audience. By using this method, you can reduce the cost of your Google Ads campaign. Because by letting Google Ads know who you want to reach, you are also telling them whom not to include.

As you know, Google gathers all this information from users based on their activities on the platform. You can use this to target a specific audience.

Add Google Ads Extension

If you are all ready to get the most out of the best Google Ads tactics but don’t know how to utilize different ways to boost the marketing campaign then you may lag far behind your competitors. Adding a Google Ads extension can help you claim a presence on SERPs. It will tell you how much potential your ad has.

How are you going to know if it’s worth paying attention to or not? Using a proper ad extension will help your ad stand out. It helps improve the ad experience and boosts CTR (click-through rates) without costing extra.

On the search results page, where ads appear at the top, you may have noticed extended information about the ad. This is done by using ad extensions.

You can own more space on the search results page. Moreover, you can improve the quality and relevance of your ad, which may lead to a better ad rank. There are many types of ad extensions to perform all these beneficial activities. 

These types of ad extensions are site links, callout extensions, structured snippets, call extensions, lead form extensions, location extensions, affiliate location extensions, price extensions, app extensions, and promotion extensions.

You may be recommended some of them by Google itself when you implement a Google Ads campaign strategy, and they are called universal extensions. Sitelinks, callout extensions, and structured snippets are among them.

Optimize Ads for Voice Search

Although voice search is not widely used, its popularity has grown significantly. So it will be better if you optimize it for your Google Ads campaign. People use the voice search option while performing some tasks such as driving, cooking, and other day-to-day activities.

The latest data and research show that the numbers are increasing. You cannot abandon such a large audience. Before opting for voice search for your Google ads, you need to keep these things in mind.

  • Voice-search questions are often longer than typed ones.
  • Keywords remain the same in both search types.
  • The queries in voice search are generally in a question format and may include question terms such as “what,” “why,” “where,” and “when,” whereas they are more like a phrase in typed search.
  • Most of the voice searches come from mobile devices, which is an obvious thing.

You can easily optimize your voice search for your Google Ads campaign by following these points:

  • Check to see if you already have a history of voice search terms.
  • Include the most frequently asked questions relating to your keyword.
  • Include negative terms or phrases that do not match your product or services.
  • Add location extensions to Ads to expand your local search options. 

Don’t Forget Mobile Specific Ads

Since mobiles are used widely across the globe, it leads to great attention for ads. Before going to implement mobile-specific ads, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If this Google Ads strategy is not on your list of things to do, you are on the verge of missing something really important.

Select Your Specific Type of Google Ads Campaign

There are so many ways in which you can start your Google Ads campaign strategy. You can expect great results from each type of campaign. These campaigns are separated mainly based on goals, relevance to the audience, estimated CPC, KPIs, scalability, and ease of implementation.

Google Ads campaign types are listed below.

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • App
  • Local
  • Smart
  • Max Performance and
  • Discovery

Keep Relevancy at Utmost Priority

Even though Google Ads gives you faster results than SEO services, relevancy remains the utmost priority in both cases. The quality of your ad is the main component of ad relevance. Understanding the clear intentions behind searchers’ queries will help you to create a quality ad. 

Set Estimated CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

CPC (cost-per-click) means the number of conversions or clicks your ads receive. If you take care of your CPC, you can easily know how successful your ad campaign is. It is calculated by dividing the ad cost by the total number of clicks received. Set an estimated cost for the operation. Choose a CPC model to enhance the bidding. On the basis of the initial revenue objectives of the modus operandi and KPIs, use these PPC bid strategies:

  • Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • Target ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Maximize conversions
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Maximize clicks
  • Manual CPC bidding
  • Target search page location
  • target share outranking
  • CPM bidding (cost per thousand impressions)
  • CPV (cost-per-view) bidding and
  • Target impressions share bidding

Create Remarketing Planning in Google Ads

Remarketing in Google Ads is very beneficial when it comes to targeting the users who have already interacted with your website. They may see your ads while browsing, watching YouTube, or scrolling through a news site.

Retargeting is another word that is often used in place of “remarketing.” Your conversion rates and ROI can increase significantly with this strategy alone.

Strong Call to Actions

Calls to action are responsible for encouraging people to take desired actions. If you are not using a call to action in the right place at the right time, you may not compel them to witness your services. CTA helps your audience understand why they should take particular actions.

Just make the intention of your CTA clear so the audience can know the benefits of clicking on it. Create urgency without losing relevance to make it strong enough. Some of the common CTAs you can use are: buy, get, try, call, fill, save, shop, order, start, visit, contact, purchase, register, and many more.

Make Google Ads Campaign Strategy Legit with SAG IPL

Google Ads strategy campaigns can only be successful if the aforementioned tricks and techniques are used. That’s exactly what we do at SAG IPL PPC company. We provide all the marketing solutions for every industry. Google Ads, as the most prominent marketing strategy, is bound to produce excellent results.

However, it needs highly skilled professionals to put the theories into worthwhile action. We at SAG IPL are dedicated to providing you with out-of-the-ordinary results by using updated techniques. If you want your business to achieve great heights, reach out to us now.

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