Top 12 PHP Frameworks for Developers in 2022

As we all know PHP is One of the top and fastest programming languages.

Come to confusing part is.. what is the most popular PHP framework 2022?

how to choose the right PHP framework?

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PHP, known as the most popular server-side scripting language on the planet, has evolved a lot since the main inline code snippets showed up in static HTML documents.

Nowadays developers need to assemble complex websites and web applications, or more a specific multifaceted nature level it can take an excessive amount of time and bother to dependably begin starting with no outside help, consequently came the requirement for a more organized normal method for improvement.

“The developer should know which programming language should be used to develop a mobile application.

Choosing a language can depend on the type of mobile platform, target market requirements, and development costs. We implemented the most useful programming languages to help a developer.”

PHP frameworks furnish developers with a sufficient answer for that.

Top Trending and Most Popular PHP Framework 2022 for Developers

Here is the list of best PHP framework for large-scale applications –

1. Laravel

Although Laravel is a moderately new PHP framework (it was discharged in 2011), as indicated by Sitepoint’s current online survey it is the most popular PHP framework among engineers.

Laravel has a huge ecosystem with an instant facilitating and deployment platform and its official website offer numerous screencast instructional exercises called Laracasts.

Laravel has many components that make fast application development conceivable.

Laravel Framework Popularity

Laravel has its own lightweight templating engine called “Blade”, an elegant syntax that encourages undertakings you as often as possible need to do, for example, authentication, sessions, queueing, caching, and RESTful routing.

Laravel additionally incorporates a local development environment called Homestead that is a bundled Vagrant box.

2. Symfony

The segments of the Symfony 2 framework are utilized by numerous noteworthy ventures, for example, the Drupal content management system, or the phpBB forum software, yet Laravel – the framework shown above – also depends on it. Symfony has a wide designer community and numerous enthusiastic fans.

Symfony Components are reusable PHP libraries that you can finish distinctive assignments with, for example, shape creation, object configuration, routing, authentication, templating, and numerous others.

You can introduce any of the Components with the Composer PHP reliance supervisor.

Symfony Framework Popularity

The site of Symfony has a cool showcase section where you can take a look at the undertakings designers achieved with the assistance of this helpful framework.

3. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP system that is right around 10 years of age (at first discharged in 2006).

CodeIgniter has an extremely clear establishment handle that requires just a negligible design so it can spare you a ton of bother.

It’s additionally a perfect decision on the off chance that you need to avoid PHP rendition struggle, as it works pleasantly on all mutual and devoted hosting platforms.

CodeIgniter Framework Popularity

CodeIgniter is not entirely in light of the MVC advancement pattern. Utilizing Controller classes is an unquestionable requirement, however, Models and Views are discretionary, and you can utilize your own coding and naming traditions, confirm that CodeIgniter gives awesome flexibility to developers.

In the event that you download it, you’ll see it’s just around 2MB, so it’s an inclined structure, however, it permits you to include third-party plugins in the event that you require more entangled functionalities.

4. Yii 2

This YII 2 PHP framework is efficient enough to boost up the performance of your site, as it is faster than the rest of the frameworks, because of its extensive use of the lazy loading technique.

Yii 2 is basically an object-oriented framework and is based on the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding concept, with the help of which it provides you quite a clean and logical code base.

YII 2 Framework Popularity

Moreover, it is integrated with jQuery and features a set of AJAX-enabled features.

The framework implements an easy-to-use theming and skinning mechanism, so, it can be proved to be an excellent choice for someone from a front-end background.

It also packs a powerful class code generator named Gii, which facilitates object-oriented programming and rapid prototyping.

The Gii also delivers a web-based interface, allowing you to interactively generate the code you required.

Download Comparing Php Framework Study

5. Phalcon

Phalcon was introduced in 2012 and got an amazing response from PHP developers.

Phalcon has been written in C and C++, to reach the highest level of optimization possible and is also believed to be as fast as a Falcon.

The most unique feature of this framework is, in spite of written in C, you don’t have to learn C, as the functionality has been exposed as PHP classes, which can be used for any application.

Phalcon Framework Popularity

Blessed with a C-extension, the architecture of Phalcon is optimized at low levels, which results in decreasing the overhead typical of MVC-based applications.

The framework works for boosting up execution speeds as well as reducing resource usage.

The framework is also fueled up with some other exciting features including a universal auto-loader, asset management, security, translation, caching, and many others.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP made its debut in 2005 and has already been a decade old now. But, due to regular updates, this framework has been successful in maintaining its popularity for PHP developers.

The last version introduced was CakePHP 3.0, which improved modularity by decoupling several components, enhanced session management, and increased the ability to create more standalone libraries.

CakePHP Framework Popularity

CakePHP is an extraordinary source, which also boosts up some websites of leading brands like BMW, Hyundai, and Express.

It has been proved to be very useful for creating web pages, that require high-level security.

The CakePHP also includes many built-in security features such as SQL injection prevention, input validation, XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection, and much more.

7. Zend Framework

Zend is a stable and robust PHP framework, which includes many configuration options and is usually not recommended for smaller projects.

The framework is excellent for big and complicated projects and also partners some great technology firms such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.

The upcoming version of the framework is Zend framework 3, which will support PHP 5.5 and onwards.

Zend Framework Popularity

The current Zend framework 2 includes many ravishing features such as cryptographic coding tools, an easy-to-use drag and drop editor with support for front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), instant online debugging and PHP Unit testing tools, and a connected Database Wizard.

It has been designed with an Agile methodology, which facilitates providing high-quality applications to enterprise clients.

8. Slim

Slim is basically a PHP micro-framework, which provides you only the things that you need the most. Micro-frameworks are minimalistic in design and are excellent for smaller applications.

The designer of this framework was inspired by a Ruby microframework called Sinatra.

Slim PHP Framework Popularity

The slim framework has been used by PHP developers for developing RESTful APIs and services. It also packs many cool features such as URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, session- and cookie encryption, and most interestingly, it supports “flash” messages across HTTP requests also.

9. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a flexible but powerful full-stack PHP framework which supports both the ordinary MVC pattern and its evolved version HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) at the architecture level.

It also adds an optional class called ‘Presenter’ between the View layers and Controller to hold the logic need for generating views.

FuelPHP Framework Popularity

This is undoubtedly an extendable and modular framework, which takes care of the security part by delivering features such as input and URI filtering and output encoding.

Furthermore, it also packs its own authentication framework along with detailed documentation and other sophisticated features.

10. Aura

Aura is different from other PHP platforms as it contains decoupled libraries for PHP. It is being updated timely for the creation of rudimentary applications.

Every library in Aura is self-contained and can be used in different projects independently which provides flexibility to the application.

11. FatFree

FatFree is one of the most simplified and top-rated PHP platforms. It is less than 50kb and is called the lightweight PHP platform.

URL router, cache engine, and multilingual application support are used for the creation of FatFree. It has a powerful ORM and authenticates simply.

12. PHPixie

PHPixie has recently been introduced in 2012 and has been designed with an aim of developing a high-performance framework for read-only web platforms. Just like FuelPHP, it also implements the HMVC design pattern.

The framework has been built up by using independent components, which also can be used without the framework itself.

PHPixie Framework Popularity

The official website of the framework includes a tutorial along with a blog description of many practical uses, which claims that anyone can learn the framework in just 30 minutes.

Additional features of the framework include standard ORM (object-relational mapping), caching, input validation, authentication, and authorization capabilities.

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