12 Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2024

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Wordpress SEO plugins

Making your site SEO friendly is very important, even if you are not familiar with Search Engine Optimization however, these Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools can help you out!

As WordPress is the highly demanded CMS for creating a website, numerous plugins provide convenience to the developers to minimize their time and entertain good functionality.

But from a search engine point of view, a website must be optimized in terms of search engine ranking factors.

For that purpose, many plugins are provided in WordPress to support various other SEO Techniques applied to improve the position of web pages in SERPs.

With the help of plugins, you can easily make changes to your website.

So, being in high demand, here are the top 12 WordPress Plugin developments in 2024.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools (Free & Paid)

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

A Yoast SEO plugin is a highly recommended tool for optimizing WordPress websites.

It has been remarked as the best tool by most developers. The major features that are facilitated by this tool include:

  • Facebook open-graph and Twitter
  • Meta title, description, keywords on your website
  • Analyzing inbound links
  • Prevention of duplicate content (by using rel=canonical)
  • Attachment of Google Webmaster and Analytics tool

Download: WordPress SEO by Yoast

2. Semrush


Semrush is a popular comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress that offers assistance with SEO, content, social media, and advertising.

The SEO writing assistant plugin of Semrush is designed to help content creators write SEO-optimized content or improve their content for users and search engines and make it compliant with Google’s guidelines.

When using the Semrush plugin on your WordPress website, you’ll see metrics such as readability, SEO score, originality, and tone of voice for each content. The tool also provides suggestions to improve the content quality and SEO score by optimizing various factors.

You can do many things related to SEO using this tool, but the most impactful is its detailed technical SEO audit and reporting, which gives you complete information about SEO inefficiencies on your site and suggestions to improve. There is also an analytic section, which gives detailed insights into your site traffic and SEO results.

If you’re looking to optimize your Google Ads to improve results, this WordPress tool is one of the best in the market.

3. SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor

It is one more powerful plugin that is used to manage posts and pages. Features offered by SEO Pressor are:

  • Prevention of over-optimization of the website
  • Provides image optimization for better search results
  • Suggest LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords for good SERP results
  • Avails Social SEO Analytics
  • Supports Schema.org

Download: SEOPressor

4. Rank Math

rank math WordPress SEO plugin

Rank Math is another popular SEO plugin that can help identify various SEO errors, including technical errors on your site and provides ways to rectify them. The built-in 404 monitor detects and notifies you about pages with “Not Found” errors on a site.

This all-in-one plugin reduces the need for using separate plugins for different SEO tasks, including SEO audit, on-page SEO, technical SEO, meta tags, analytics, local SEO, redirections, image SEO, breadcrumbs, rich snippets, etc. There is also attached an XML sitemap package that automatically creates and updates your site’s sitemap.

The internal link-building recommendation tool of Rank Math suggests the best places and opportunities to build internal links within a site to boost user experience.

Other benefits of this SEO WordPress plugin include an easy-to-use interface, lightweight, clear options, and automatic image optimization.

5. All-in-One SEO Plugin

All in One WordPress SEO Plugin

It is one of the top competitors of SEO by the Yoast plugin. Till now, this tool has been downloaded by more than 1 million users.

It has been given 4.4 stars out of 5. It offers the following features:

  • Automatically optimizes your title for search engines
  • Automatically generate META tags
  • It is the only plugin that provides SEO Integration for WP e-commerce sites
  • Image, Sitemap optimization
  • Web analytics attachment feature (Google Analytics, Webmaster)

Download: All-in-One SEO Plugin

6. WPBeginner Keyword Generator

keyword generator tool

As the name suggests, this is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps you find the best keywords for any page or content on your WordPress website.

Arguably one of the best WordPress plugins to research and find SEO keywords, with the capability to generate over 300 keywords, phrases and keyword combinations for any content.

Wondering how to use it? It’s as simple as anything. Just enter your primary keyword and click on ‘Analyze’ to find all the related keywords and combinations.

Keyword research, as you may know, is generally the first stage in the SEO process. Keywords are the basis for creating high-quality, user-friendly content and brainstorming blog post ideas that are helpful to users. As a side benefit, keywords can help boost your search engine ranking by optimizing your content for keywords.

7. Majestic SEO Dashboard Widget

Majestic SEO Tool

To keep track of backlinks, the Majestic SEO widget comes out as the highly recommended WordPress Plugin Development Service. It allows you to track the backlinks of your website.

To track your back-linking process, you can also add up to four of your competitors. With 600+ downloads, this WordPress tool is in high demand when the question of link building comes.

Download: Majestic SEO Dashboard Widget

8. WP Social SEO Pro

WP Social SEO Pro

As Google is working on getting social signals from different social media websites, the need for such a plugin is in high demand.

In that list, WP Social SEO Pro is the best plugin to install on your website. It helps to optimize your website according to social media.

It has been downloaded more than 76,000 times. Facebook, Google Plus, Schema.org Rich Snippet Microdata, Twitter, Pinterest, HTML5 Boilerplate, Local SEO, Video SEO, and More.

Can easily be integrated with this plugin. Features provided by this WordPress tool include:

  • Effective integration of social media with your website
  • Optimize your website in terms of mobile-friendly.
  • Allows setup of Google Authorship and Publisher Status

Download: WP Social SEO Pro 

9. SEO Squirrly

Squirrly SEO

SEO Squirrly is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress for website creators and owners with little knowledge of SEO. This comprehensive SEO plugin takes care of website optimization by suggesting changes and recommendations in real-time.

When creating content, if you have SEO Squirrly enabled on your WordPress website, it will show SEO recommendations as you type, so you can make changes in real-time and save time while ensuring high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

The benefit is that you can see and accept SEO suggestions while writing content without the need to save it first, unlike many other SEO plugins. It even optimizes your content for the best keywords. Its SEO services include keyword optimization, competition analysis, content reports, and progress monitoring.

10. Schema Pro

Schema Pro Plugin

Schema refers to structured data, which is used by website owners in their content to add special elements, called rich snippets, which Google may highlight in search results.

Schema Pro is a WordPress SEO plugin that can be used to add rich snippets such as star ratings, reviews, product prices, etc. to your content, allowing your pages to stand out in search results.

For example, when writing a review or recipe for a product, you might want to add a star rating section and image using this plugin, which will be shown separately in search results along with your review and can help you attract more clicks and leads.

rich snippet example

If you’re already using another SEO plugin such as All in One SEO, you may see some basic rich snippets with it. For more advanced schema options, you can opt for Scheme Pro.

11. Broken Link Checker

This is a very useful SEO tool that is now available in the form of a plugin for your WordPress website. Broken Link Checker, as the name indicates, helps you find broken backlinks to your site so that you can fix them.

SEO experts know that broken links can harm their credibility and affect search rankings by sending users to pages that do not exist. This is why it is crucial to fix them.

It can take days or months to manually track each backlink to your site to detect broken links. The Broken Link Checker plugin makes it easy to check your content or page for broken links and gives its report within minutes.

Once you install and enable the plugin on your site, it will routinely check all your pages for broken links and send you a notification when it detects a broken link. You can then update or remove the backlink manually.

12. SEOQuake


SEOQuake is a popular SEO health analysis and optimization tool for WordPress websites. Once enabled on your site, the tool will routinely analyze your site and send reports about the site’s overall health, SEO score, last update, rank, quality, and various other data that can be used to boost your site’s SEO.

Besides a plugin for WordPress, this SEO tool also comes in the form of an extension for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. In addition, you can use the SEOQuake toolbar plugin to automatically check the SEO health and score of every page you visit, including search engine results.

This tool can also be used for analyzing your competitors in Google Search. When you type your keyword in Google, the tool will show data for all the search results (pages), including your competitors. You can use this data to understand your competitors better and find out better keywords to rank for.


All the above-mentioned WordPress SEO plugins are highly used in developing a WordPress website that will be search engine optimized for all concerns.

You can install these tools on your website and get rid of the headache of coding any new feature on your website.

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