Mobile Event and Networking Apps: All You Need to Know

Event apps have become the base of the event experience. All the event managers and conductors have remarked that using an event app has always helped them in executing the event smoothly.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, using an event app will prove to be even more beneficial for the organizers. This article details all the points that the event app developers need to know to create the best event and conference apps.

Difference Between Event and Networking App

The event or conference apps are the smartphone apps that help in enhancing the experience of the attendees of any live event.

Most of the event apps have the same core features but have different additional features. One-to-one messaging, attendee profiles for networking research, speaker profiles, etc. are some common features that can be seen in every Event App Development Company.

A networking app is different from the event apps as the main focus of the networking app is the successful networking of the event.

It does not mean that event apps are more important than networking apps. It’s just that some event apps may not include the networking platforms or need a more flexible connection among the attendees,

so the organizer might require a networking app. An event app is a more holistic solution for event problems.

The creator needs to decide whether he/she wants to create a holistic event app or a networking app. If you already own a mobile event app, it is better that you also create a networking app to help the users.

Or if you want, update the existing or develop a new event app in such a way that it includes all the features of a networking app.

Difference Between Template White Label Event App and Branded Universal Event App

There are two types of event apps, Template White Label Event App and Branded Universal Event App. Template white label apps are the apps that are created from the template already available.

Such apps are created by the client according to the event to be held. Whereas the branded universal apps are common event apps that can be used for all kinds of event apps.

The client can edit and display their company data instead of creating an app of their own. You should ascertain the type of app you want to be developed event application according to your and the clients’ needs.

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How Using an Mobile Event App can Enhance the Event?

An event app brings all the data of the event to the smartphone of the attendee. Session schedule of the speakers, place of a session, timings, sponsors, and brands attending the event, etc.

Every info is in the hands of the attendee and he does not have to wander wondering or asking about it.

The reports from surveys show that there has been an increase of more than 50% in mobile adoption, audience engagement and sponsor visibility, and an 84% increase in Community Engagement. The data itself shows the rising use and importance of the event apps.

Benefits of Mobile Event Apps

Some unique benefits of the mobile event apps are:

  • The event apps help in identifying and connecting different attendees through their event profiles and messaging system.
  • Helps in promoting the brands through color logos, images, animations, GIFs, and other visual effects.
  • The event organizer can also record surveys and polls through the app for the betterment of the brand and/or the app itself and by collecting the data about user experience.
  • Event apps help the attendees in keeping track of the sessions during an event.
  • Most of the event apps include sponsorship programs that provide the sponsors with a way to promote their brands.

How to Improve User Engagement with your Mobile Event App

The event app will be useless if the attendees do not use it. The following ways can help you in improving user engagement for your event app:

  • Convey the importance of the app to the attendee. The attendee will not download your app if he does not even know the basic use of the app. Why and how the problems of the attendee during an event will be reduced will motivate one to download and use the app.
  • Prompt the app and the event by providing convenient sharing buttons. The attendees will influence the community in touch to attend the event and use the app.
  • Promote the app through email. Sending an email will force the registered attendee to download the app for the event.
  • You should develop a social media strategy to address the community of potential attendees and promote your event app.
  • Incentivize the attendee, if possible, for downloading the event app, like providing a discount coupon for the booths in the event., etc.
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Must-haves for the Event App

Your event app should be all-inclusive and dynamic, but some features should be included in the event apps, no exceptions, such as:

  • An event app is an ocean of data but saving this should be your priority. Your event app should have strong privacy and data security policy that secures and does not collect and share the personal data of the user other than required.
  • The user should be aware of the data the app is collecting and the app should have an opt-in option for the user that enables the attendees to share the data they feel safe to share.
  • Your app should have a clear language, understandable by all.

Use the Data Collected

The data collected from the attendees of the event will not be useful if you do not know how to use it for your benefit. The data collected will enable the organizer to understand the impact of the event.

The more the data is diverse, the better will be the evaluation of the impact, the event created. The organizer and the app developer should analyze the data for insight for the future.


Here are the things you should keep in mind while developing an mobile event app:

  • Type of event app you want.
  • Create an app that enhances the event and is beneficial for the organisers and the attendees.
  • Include dynamic features in your app.
  • Use the data collected for the betterment of the app.

Are you planning to get your own mobile app? Then, you need to consider all the available options, such as hiring a freelancer app developer, outsourcing to a Mobile App Development Company India or building the app yourself. If you have an idea for any kind of event app and want to bring it into existence, share your idea with the professional developers at SAG IPL.

We can help you in developing an all-inclusive dynamic app, useful for all kinds of events. To get a free quotation for the event app development and schedule a meeting by contacting us at 0141-4072000 or [email protected] You can also Whatsapp us on +91 7023472073. We are happy to help you.

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