Is AngularJS SEO Friendly

Is AngularJS SEO Friendly? (with advantages and disadvantages of Angular.JS)

Google will crawl or not the pages of the website the way we want? This question arises when you creating a website with dynamic pages. Therefore, I am here to clear all your doubt about it.

In the past, Google was not crawling properly of those pages those have java scripts. Google made an update in 2014 and announced that they are finally crawling javascript in an effective manner.

Thereafter, developers do not to create any special layout for rendering HTML pages. However, other search engines and crawlers are unable to crawl your content precisely.

Additionally, if you are thinking of creating a mobile app, a single page app or even an internal system, probably you will use Angular JS. Before going ahead, I would like to let know you know that Google may not properly render or index AngularJS pages and also how it indexes JS sites.

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How Google Indexes JavaScript Sites

Here are the recommendations in short on how Google indexes JavaScript sites from Google’s John Mueller

Google Indexes JavaScript Sites.

  • Do not cloak to Googlebot.
  • Use rel=canonical attribute
  • Avoid the AJAX-Crawling scheme on new sites.
  • Avoid using “#” in URLs (outside of “#!”).
  • Use Search Console’s Fetch and Render tool to test how Googlebot sees your pages.
  • Make sure that all required resources (including JavaScript files/frameworks, server responses, 3rd-party APIs, etc) are not blocked by robots.txt.
  • Use a limited number of embedded resources, in particular, the number of JavaScript files and server responses required to render your page.
  • Google supports the use of JavaScript to provide titles, description & robots meta tags, structured data, and other meta-data.
  • Lastly, note that other search engines and web services accessing your content might not support JavaScript at all, or might support a different subset.

Therefore, it is time to discuss the point whether AngularJS SEO Friendly or not. Also, discuss advantages and drawbacks of it.

  • AngularJS has been created and maintained by enthusiastic Google engineers. This implies there is a gigantic group out there for you to acquire information. Aside from that, there are engineers that can help you to handle any difficulties.
  • AngularJS development is easy to pursue and to begin one on the off chance that you as of now have basic knowledge in HTML.
  • New information you add to the application, which is built on AngularJS is easily updated and hence, the app users can get new changes pretty soon.
  • It has extended characteristics like routing, dependency injection, view orchestration, animations and much more.

Despite it has many advantages, it is still a highly problematic platform that does not offer SEO specific strengths.

Here are some drawbacks, which can be handled by professional Angular developers:

  • While using other JS integrations, it is hard to combine them together.
  • Angular is always up-to-date, thus it can be used only on updated browsers.
  • As per developers, Angular app testing takes much time than others.


Angular is the present day tool which is preferred for developing Single Page Applications but is not even close to becoming a silver bullet. However, it is better if you compare with others. thus, you will have to prepared for a hard work if you are going to work on the project which is over the ( medium size, moderate complexity) threshold. So you need to have high skills team to lead at all the time.

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