Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

How to Find My Lost Phone Android Without any Tracking App

Have you or someone you know have lost their Android smartphone with having any tracking app? If you have suffered from this problem then you must read this whole article to know how you can keep your phone safe forever.

There is various tracking app available now these days to save your phone when you lost it or even in a worse condition, it gets stolen by someone. But most of the people don’t even know about this app, they come to know about them when they come into such a situation which is too late to take any action.

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How to Find My Lost Phone without Tracking App

But don’t just burst out into tears yet as there is still a way to get your lost phone back. This process doesn’t even require any recovery app or any tracking app installed on your phone. In this process, you can access your phone via remote control.

Let’s check out the way you can get your Android smartphone back –

Android Device Manager –

You can easily track and find your lost android phone via using the Android Device Manager.

Requirements :

Here the given the top 5 ways to find my lost phone android without an App

  • Your device must be connected to a verified Google account.
  • Your device must have an internet access.
  • You have allowed your device to be tracked by using the Android Device Manager(Turned on by default)
  • You have allowed ADM to lock your Android device and to erase data.
  • The Android device manager is the easy yet the best way to track an Android device. For this, you don’t have to install any app specially, all you need a Google account logged in that device.

Now if you have lost your phone or your phone was stolen, get your laptop (or any other device) connect it to the internet and open chrome browser. Then you have to login Gmail with the same account you have on your phone.

Now search – “Find My Android Phone”

Click on the first link you see or simply go to –

Android Device Manager

This tool can perform 3 task for you along with the location search and they are –

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase

I’ll explain this later.

When you open this link or ADM, it will automatically try to locate your devices last location. If your device has the internet connection it will show its last location and also show the direction to the device. It will also show the last online date to you.

If you didn’t get any last location it means your device either off or has no internet connection from the last online day. This specially happens when your phone has stolen.

You can use these 3 features depending on your situation –


To keep your data safe you can lock your device by using the ADM. Simply click on the Lock button then it will ask for a new pin, enter the new pin, enter the recovery message, enter the phone number so that the person who found your phone can call you. And then click on Lock. Done!


If you get the last location then go to that place and when you are near you can ring the phone using the Ring feature of ADM.


When you lost all the hopes! This last feature of ADM can help you. By using the “erase” you can erase all the data in your phone, date including personal data, photos, video, music and all other data saved in your phone. The erase can also delete the data in your SD card.

Once the data is deleted, you will no longer have access to your phone via ADM, so keep that in mind before using the option.

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