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User Intent Made Simple

User Intent Made Simple: A Complete Step By Step Guide – SAGIPL

Knowing Keyword Research is Great! Knowing Your Customers’ Needs is Great! But understanding the customer’s intention is the most important thing. Once upon a time, all search engines were machines (robots) that were completely based on the algorithms. But now, there is only one search…
Keywords cleaning-Business

Top Keywords For Cleaning Business – The Ultimate Guide

Keyword or Keyphrase is the term a person uses to find something on Google. For instance, if you are a cleaning company, people looking for your services through Google will most probably search for things like ‘best cleaning company’, ‘commercial cleaning provider,’ etc. All these…
Walmart SEO Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Walmart SEO – Secret Rules & Algorithms Revealed To Achieve Higher Product Ranking (Fresh 2020 Updated)

Online marketplaces of e-commerce websites have their own algorithms to decide the position of the product. So it can be different from the google search algorithm but it also has almost some key elements of SEO, such as keyword, content, title, and search terms a…
Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO: The Ultimate Guide 2020 (A9 Algorithm + Strategies Revealed)

Last year Amazon was on the third position on the list of “The Top 100 Best-Performing Companies In The World”. So you can imagine how hard it is for them to maintain their business. Just like any other eCommerce website Amazon also has its own…

Top Keywords For Dental Business – The Ultimate Guide (Official 2020 Updated)

A dentist needs good operational skills and a better marketing program online to gain more and more reputation both offline and online. SEO for Dentists is a service in need for you and check it now today. Keywords are an integral part of SEO, it…
How much website design cost

How Much Should Website Design Cost You? (2020 Updated Guide)

Website Design plays a vital role in attracting visitors because it is the first thing people notice when they visit a website. Whether it is a company’s website or online store Website design needs to be eye-catching and user-friendly, but do you know how much…