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User Intent Made Simple

User Intent Made Simple: A Complete Step By Step Guide – SAGIPL

Knowing Keyword Research is Great! Knowing Your Customers’ Needs is Great! But understanding the customer’s intention is the most important thing. Once upon a time, all search engines were machines (robots) that were completely based on the algorithms. But now, there is only one search…
Wearandsmile case study

Developed and Marketed an Ecommerce Project Successfully (With 100% Practical Case Study)

Are you an eCommerce business owner trying to improve traffic and conversions on your shopping website? This case study of how we improved the digital branding, reach, traffic and sales of Wear&Smile – a Sweden-based online clothing store – might just be the inspiration you…
Custom Chatbot Development Platforms

10 Powerful Platforms to Build a Custom Chatbot

Whether it’s an automated chat application on a website or social apps like Facebook Messenger, the chances are you’ve had experience interacting with a chatbot. Chatbots are widely used by companies around the globe for automating the customer support process. A chatbot is a software…
Why You Need Mobile App for Business

#10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile phones (smartphones) are becoming an integral part of our lives, and so are the mobile apps that we seem to be using for almost every small to big activity. The use of mobile apps to access a company/business for the purpose of shopping, buying…
Why You Need Digital Marketing Services

7 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Ever wondered why your Rival Businesses are growing faster and acquiring customers Double the Speed than you? The answer is simple…!! These businesses are expanding faster and connecting with existing and potential customers in a more interactive manner through digital marketing tactics. Digital marketing, in…
7 Reasons Why You Need Website For Your Business

7 Key Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business

So, you are running an offline business through which you either sell goods or services or both. Now, there may be two cases here. In the first case, you are either completely satisfied with your current business, getting good enough leads and sales, and you’re…