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Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology – What is, How does it Work and it’s Uses

The term Beacons came into focus mainly with the introduction of iBeacon technology by Apple in 2013. Since then, it has been generating quite a buzz in the industry. So, what exactly are beacons, what are they used for and what is their role in…
gen gst software development case study

How SAG IPL Developed A Multi Functionality Gen GST Software and Ranked on First Page of Google

Gen GST Software is next feather in the cap of the SAG IPL family as it brings many added advantages in the progress of the organization with various challenges on the way. Each and every associate in the development of the software gave his skills…
Digital Marketing Statistics

50 Digital Marketing Statistics and Figures That’ll Help You Improve Your Online Preference

Statistics play very important role in finding the targeted audience and generate the huge revenues which are prime purpose of every business. The article covers the top 50 statistics every digital marketing companies should know to generate the leads. << Are you struggling with bad SEO?…
Game Development Tools and Engine

The Most Recommended Game Development Tools and Engine of 2017 For Game Dev

Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing, we just have a gut assumption based on the games that we can play. – Cliff Blezinski Gaming is just not a game. And it’s not just a kids thing, The most of game player age is 35…
Mobile App ideas

101 Mobile App ideas 2017 That Haven’t Been Made Yet

The apps have dominated the mobile market completely. From small to big businesses, everyone is getting their dedicated mobile apps to lure more customers through mobile devices. We have come up with these amazing mobile app ideas all across the internet that have suggested by…