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    How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website in 2020?

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2021? (Actual Cost List)

    Building a website is not as much a big deal today as it was a few years back. With so many automated website builders and platforms out there, anyone can build a website, with or without any coding knowledge. The cost to build a website…

    The Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide – 2021

    It’s been in the market for almost a decade for NFTs now however, lately they got the people’s consideration. Where they have been extensively greeted by art lovers, gamers, collectors, and big businessmen. These NFTs are recognized digital benefits that allow traders to trade digital…
    erc20 bep20 trc20 tokens

    ERC-20 vs. TRC-20 vs. BEP-20 Crypto Token Standard – Which One is the Best?

    A token is a cryptocurrency built for a particular project and using an existing blockchain. Tokens are generally developed and used by startups or organisations looking to raise funds for their new projects, generally in the blockchain space, but not always. Ethereum, Binance (Binance Smart…
    P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost & Key Features

    Bitcoin came into existence on 3 January 2009 and was initially priced at $0. In just 12 years it crossed $64,863.10. Thus, if someone had invested in bitcoin in 2009, he would have got an ROI of about 37066.49%. However, it is well known that…
    IEO, IDO, STO and Defi Marketing Strategy

    IEO, IDO, STO and Defi Marketing Strategies 2021

    In the previous blog post, we shared important strategies about ICO and cryptocurrency marketing. In this post, you will know some awesome marketing strategies for STO, IEO, IDO and Defi projects. Let’s get started. The world is full of duplicate ideas, copied content and opportunity…
    ERC20 Token Development

    ERC20 Token Development Company & Token Creation Services

    Despite all the debates and attempts to slow its pace, cryptocurrencies have made their way everywhere. Cryptocurrency has many advantages for the world including straightforward transactions, easy asset transfer, confidential transactions, low transaction fees, easy access to funds, etc. ERC20 Token Development Cryptocurrencies could enable…